Dr. Shanta Baral

Overseer Hermit


A wiry and leathery brown gnome in sandals, milsurp desert camo cargo pants, a sweat-stained white T-shirt, and a straw cowboy hat over dark glasses. He is usually wearing a small pack with a rifle in a holster in its side.

A man of few words and little expression, Dr. Baral is nonetheless a strong personality. He is well-respected in both the local community of Rachel and among his Chakravanti colleagues. A mentor to Adam Blakely for the years immediately following his departure from the convalescent care facility, he was extremely patient and compassionate if not particularly affectionate or likely to bestow praise.

His current duties appear to include keeping an eye on the Nevada National Security Site.


A former Ghurka medic and later medical doctor, before he Awakened. Beyond the basics, he doesn’t relate much about his life.

Dr. Shanta Baral

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