SCS Issue 3

Hey Vegas, what the hell? The last few weeks in the city of sin have been bizarre and again, bloody.

Our top story today, tomorrow, and likely all month is the Bonemaker’s continued escalation in the area around Bonanza village. On top of the human remains found last month, two bloody piles of bones have appeared since Halloween. One appears to contain the mixed remains of several animals but at least one human skull [PHOTO: a pile of bones and gristle, bloody but missing all flesh], the other a friend of the publication reports as a jumble of mixed human bones from at least four victims. We’ve been told the LVPD is consulting dental records.

As before, any information our readers can provide may earn a reward. And save lives.


The rash of violence the LVPD has so far refused to call a gang war has gotten gruesome. As the initial bombings and shootings have dropped off, bloody home invasions seem to have replaced them, the victims killed and mutilated with some sort of implements, opinions vary as to what. A friend of the publication with experience in forensics only said, “not axes, knives, or chainsaws.”

With one gruesome scene found on 11/3 in Centennial and another reported 11/7 in North Las Vegas, it is hard not to wonder when the next atrocity will occur.

[PHOTO: crime scene with police tape in place, body parts strewn around a room, blood everywhere.]

Another detail to the above story may be of interest to readers – a machete, apparently wielded by one of the defenders, was oddly damaged.

[PHOTO: a bloody machete with a chunk missing from the blade side, in the same profile as a big bite taken from the edge of a piece of toast]


Our last minor update comes from the wee hours of Halloween. A diner off East Bonanza was flooded with an estimated 100,000 gallons of seawater – including live fish and chunks of seaweed. This publication was able to interview an eyewitness who described a confused scene of sea monsters fighting and a daring man threw coffee into a sea monster’s face.

SCS Issue 3

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