SCS Issue 2

Salutations Sinners!

After the long bloody summer it’s finally starting to cool down a bit, the slightly cooler weather hinting at Halloween on the horizon. And with the weather come some Halloween classics: ghosts, goblins, and things that go bump in the night.

First, goblins. Sport anglers have long told tall tales about their catches in Lake Mead, but over the last weeks a few real oddities have popped up, including this freaky thing. Though this publication was unable to find experts willing to identify and classify this fish, we’ve been assured it is not native to the Colorado or its reservoirs.

If that thing wasn’t bad enough, take a peek here. This melted-looking blob is equal parts pathetic and disgusting, but isn’t as strange as the unclassified creature described ago. This is reportedly a Blobfish, a deep sea fish that massively distorts at surface pressures. It certainly shouldn’t be in Lake Mead.

Our last aquatic nasty is easily the most frightening. We here at the Strange will not be going swimming in Lake Mead any time in the near future. This monster was pulled up near the base of the dam, apparently from deep in the lake. We couldn’t find either the fisherman or any remains of the fish, just this series of pictures and a brief interview with the photographer.


Early in September something went bump over the state line in Fort Mohave, in the form of bloody killings in a bunkhouse for migrant agricultural workers. Arizona State Troopers are investigating, and have thus far been reluctant to share details with this publication, but we were able to take an exclusive statement from a witness who wishes to remain nameless.

According to the witness, “Eight men sleep in that bunk, and nothing in there was alive when I looked. The blood was up to the door jam, running over and down the stairs. I once saw a thresher pick up a dog. The inside of that bunk was like that, like the dog. But it looked like it took longer.”

Any developments will be reported here.


Ever heard a really good ghost story? Ever wanted to see one up close and personal? Yeah, us too. So imagine how excited we were to get a report last week that a particularly exclusive estate in Spring Valley was experiencing a particularly violent haunting. An anonymous witness stated, “**** was flying around, noises like metal ripping, walls breathing, like the worst trip ever. Andre’ Hernaz, the repair guy, he screamed and started… I dunno, twisting? There was a noise like a pah! and blood splattered and we were ran down the hall. And then something exploded and I woke up later on the lawn. Once I could get up, I ran as fast as I could.”

Unfortunately the estate in question is the property of an international… businessman. With a reputation as potentially violent as the haunting in question. This made the more daring and direct research methods inadvisable, but we did get these pictures.

(link to pics of the house where Adam, Naia, and Addison talked down the ghost. Pics show the polluted pool, the exploded wall, and – very dimly- the stretched torso through the door. By the lighting, these pics were taken before the mages arrive.)

Don’t ask where our photographer was standing when that last pic was taken. We won’t tell you.

As of most recent reports, the haunting has ended. Apparently enough money can buy expertise in even very specialized subjects.


A final note: the Bone Maker is still making bones. This publication is offering monetary reward for direct publishable information on the subject.

As the nights lengthen, the night folk come out in numbers. Stay safe, and keep your eyes on the street.

SCS Issue 2

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