SCS Issue 1

Salutations Sinners!

It’s been a bloody long time since last we here at the Strange updated, and by bloody, we mean BLOODY! Don’t look at the link if you are eating. Really, don’t look.

That’s right, the Bone Maker is at it again down in the Triangle. Looks like a couple of dogs this time, again without explanation or witnesses. Readers with information concerning the… skeletonization.. of strays and pets around Berkely Square and Bonanza Village, we here at the Strange would be very interested in discussing it. Very. Interested.


Speaking of strays, friends of this publication in the know have reported another prospector as missing. With the 2012 closure of the NNSS – that’s the Nevada National Security Site to you new readers – looters, explorers, the crazy, and the curious have climbed the fence or walked into Mercury and wandered the potentially lethally radioactive desert.

Most adventurers come back with hair-raising stories of limited credibility, but some never return. Did they die of dehydration after a fall? Stumble into Plutonium Valley? Or worse, were they shot by border guards when attempting an unwise crossing? Or something weirder?

As always the NNSS presents plenty of mysteries for the curious and foolhardy.


In similar news, the hypothetical walk-in we reported on last month has apparently walked out. Sources say the man found confused and speaking an unfamiliar language in his own hardware store last April vanished Tuesday. Reportedly, he simply disappeared from inside a secure room at the private (and notoriously discrete) Summerline Medical.


And we’ll end this issue where we began – in blood. Two more of the mysterious ‘blood bombs’ (an example photo we obtained from a scene in December of last year) have been found. The first was found in a towncar on the top level of a parking garage near Fremont Street, the second in the bathroom of a very exclusive private gaming room off the strip.

Until next time Sinners! Keep your eyes on the street.

SCS Issue 1

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