Kim Lee

Genderqueer DJ


AKA DJ Wubcraft, AKA Lady Panic

Under many names and in many personas, Kim is a growing star. DJ Wubcraft is a bleeding-edge deepwave dj, composing and performing beats that can literally cause hallucinations. Lady Panic is a weekly act the MGM’s legendary Hakkasan nightclub. Kim Lee is an active part of the AV Club, The Dawn Patrol, and participates in a number of Cult of Ananda events and actvities.


Born in San Jose and raised between households in the Bay area and in Las Vegas, with a sprawling extended family characterized by several consecutive generations of ethnic blending. A multimedia artist and musician early in life, turning family connections into opportunities to perform and leveraging that into exposure through hard work. Awakened in the middle of performance capping 43 hours of consecutive work.

Stylistically tends towards ecstatic techniques of drugs, dance, lights, and sounds.

Kim Lee

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