April May

Pawnshop Sonomancer


Middle-aged and matronly, usually wearing a scowl, a metal T-shirt from the late 80s, and an enormous handgun in a hip holster. Naia’s mentor and founding member of the AV Club, April has rather a lot of influence with the younger mages in the Las Vegas area, even after an extended absence.

Magically, she uses sonomancy as much as possible but has incorporated a number of Hermetic elements to her style over the years. She also has displayed a facility to bargaining with umbrood, particularly abstracts, for favors and assistance. Her current lighting gun fetish an excellent example.


April had a somewhat troubled childhood, growing up in Astoria, Queens, NYC. The details are unclear, but a lousy situation and running away from home led April to Detroit, where she met Edith Walker and apprenticed to her. After many adventures, Edith’s quest to better understand Paradox resulted in her disappearance, presumably into a Paradox Realm of her own making.

Some time after this, Naia came into the scene, first meeting April at the pawnshop and eventually beginning her own apprenticeship.

April May

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