AnnMarie Johnson

The Bloody Bitch


An incredibly fit dark-skinned black woman with a mane of black dreadlocks and striking amber eyes. She wears jeans and tank tops at the refuge and stylish stuff when out with The Dawn Patrol. She is also the middle member of the Sand Sisters, the local Verbena coven.

Personally, she is as direct as a battering ram and half as subtle. She relates her thoughts and feelings almost without filter, often she expressing thoughts that are morbid, grotesque, or simply inappropriate.

Her magical style is fairly typical Verbena, using her own blood and elements of nature to work effects. She is an accomplished shapeshifter.


She was born and raised in East Texas but left at some point in her late teens or early 20s. How she began her studies and why she is in Las Vegas are as of yet unclear.

AnnMarie Johnson

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