Addison Clarke (no longer in Las Vegas)

Vampire Killer


Solidly built, fit. South Asian mix, British accent. A number of small scars visible on her hands and face, including heavy rings of red scar tissue ringing each wrist. Tends towards wearing protective motorcycle gear. She is rarely unarmed.



A former professional killer, first for an unnamed military service, then for a variety of criminal interests. An attempted hit went bad (vampires don’t always die if you put a bullet through their head) and she Awakened during her near-death from exsanguination. She survived, pulled herself together, and went looking for something that could explain her experience.

She ended up with a Chakravanti mentor in Sri Lanka, a sarcastic and tiny witch called Prithi. A few years of initial apprenticeship went by quickly, as such positive experiences do, before Addison’s bloody background caught up with her in the form of a Vourdulak hit squad. Addison escaped but Prithi was killed. In the aftermath, Addison swore to bring down the Vourdulak vampire family and destroy it.

Addison Clarke (no longer in Las Vegas)

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