Thin Places

Game Session 22

Why did it have to be snakes?

Nem and Trina’s story thus far…

While working on a Correspondence ritual, Nem and Trina were interrupted by the sound of approaching motorcycles. The Diamondbacks rush Nem’s trailer and a minor conflict ensues. During the combat, both Nem and Trina were bitten by a snake guy. His poison knocks them both out.

Trina wakes up in a pantry. Nem is a the shed. Nem uses Correspondence to move rocks to Naia’s van as a note. Mrs. Olsen comes in to the shed. She sees the Correspondence workings. She confiscates their stuff and transfers them both into the basement which is an opening to the Umbra. Porkchop is there. He has changed since the last they saw him. He is now a half-snake/half-man.

They try to figure a way to get out of there. Nem suggests Trina call out to the spirits and message Naia or Adam. She tries to do so, but there are no spirits in the area. It seems like it may be a pocket realm or something like that.

Nem tries to access his Demense. He can, but not move into the Demense. He can hear Bugs searching for him, but cannot reach him.

Back to Naia and Adam…

Naia waits for a few moments after Adam’s last call. Then, she backs her van up the driveway while blasting metal mariachi music. She skids to a stop. Green Buck kicks open the back doors to her van and jumps out.

Bikers start pouring out of the front house to see what is going on. Green Buck wades into them, shooting lightning out of his hand like a gun. The metal mariachi music and fear rote that Naia created works their way upon the bikers. Green Buck makes his way into the house.

Naia slips out of the van. She grabs the stuff that Adam left behind. She quickly gets up to the place where the guards were taken out mid-way up the road. Then, she starts sneaking the rest of the way up the road.

Adam sneaks around to the back of the bunkhouse. He sees two guys leave the bunkhouse and head into the main house. Adam leaves the bunkhouse to circle around the front side of the main house. He meets up with Naia and updates her on what the situation is.

Adam slips towards the back of the main house. He hides behind an old water tank watching the bunkhouse. He sees a lizard guy exiting the building carrying a shotgun. After a few feet, a second guy comes out with a rifle. Adam shoots the first guy with a Spirit arrow. He manages to hits him. Combat starts.

Naia throws something on fire and with some Mind magic to try to grab their attention. The Rifle guy shoots at Adam, but he dodges. Lizard man takes cover near the storm cellar doors. Adam shoots the Rifle guy and clips him in the left hip.

Naia moves to cover. The Rifle guy runs back to the bunkhouse. Adam gets a shot off on the Rifle guy and he is down. The Lizard man takes a pot shot at Adam and Adam returns fire wildly. Neither hit.

Naia casts a spell to make Adam less noticeable. Adam runs towards Lizard guy, slides across the cellar doors and tries slashing at the Lizard. Crap! He’s fumbled Malice when trying to swipe at him. Lizard guy and someone in the house took shots at Adam, but both missed.

Close quarter combat with Adam and Lizard man. Adam is rolling around on the ground not making any progress on the Lizard guy. Naia takes a shot towards the main building. She hit something.

Someone/thing comes out the back door. Adam throws the Lizard towards the newcomer. Lizard guy hits his head on the doors on the way by and passes out. He kind of tangles up Newcomer but he/it moves in a way that is not human and manages to mostly not get tangled up in the throw.

Naia slips around the corner. She shoots at Newcomer but misses. Newcomer charges towards Adam. Adam picks up Malice and dodges Newcomer.

Naia goes into hiding. She hears a woman from within the house.

Adam and Newcomer face off. Adam swings a couple of times. He scores two strikes but only manages to make damage on the first strike though.

Others in the house calling out to each other looking for Naia. They cannot find her for the most part. Mrs. Olsen can be heard coordinating the group to search for Naia.

Adam and Newcomer continue fighting. Adam manages to make a couple more strikes at the Newcomer and takes him down.

Naia throws on her pie tin and shares her Correspondence sense via Mind with Green Buck. She is pointing out where they are located.

Adam searches the people outside for the keys to the padlock on the cellar doors. Keys not found. Adam preps himself for a ritual.

Green Buck gets to the house. He has already taken a lot of damage. He leaps up to the second floor and kicks through the window. He manages to mangle the guy but gets hit with a shotgun blast and is taken out. Goodbye Green Buck.

Kristen Olsen is doing something upstairs. She is using Spirit and changing along the way. Naia takes up position to get line of sight on the back door to take anyone out coming out that way. Naia activates a Correspondence ritual for aiming.

Adam activates a soaking ritual. At the same moment, Hulk biker comes crashing through the wall and bites Adam. Adam kinda dodges but is still bitten. Adam is poisoned and takes some damage.

Naia shoots at Hulk. It takes some damage. Adam attacks it again. He manages to lay in a lethal blow.

Out the back door bursts a giant snake that is deformed and diseased. Naia slips inside the house. Adam grabs the shotgun from the ground that the Lizard guy had. He shoots at the Snake and misses when it dodges.

Naia takes a pot shot from inside the house. It bounces off the Snake. Adam racks the gun and takes another shot. Nope. The Snake dodges.

Naia gets upstairs and grabs a shotgun. The Snake bites Adam and gets a bite in his leg. Ouch. Naia shoots at the Snake through the window. One of the tumors on the side of its head pops.

Adam reloads again and makes a point blank shot with the shotgun using his Willpower. He manages a really good shot and blows half of the Snake away. It makes another attempt at Adam, but misses thankfully since Adam is unable to dodge. The Snake expires.

Naia checks out the hidden room upstairs. No Nem or Trina. She finds a turtle object that is hiding this room in a separate Umbra space.

Adam patches himself up as best as he can while waiting for Naia. He starts losing sensation with the left hand side of the body. Though it starts coming back after like 20 minutes.

They reload their equipment and open the cellar door. Adam stashes his magick bag and bow/arrows near the cellar door. They flip on a light and start heading down the stairs.

Naia checks out the cellar doors. She finds tiny tacks nailed into the door frame with runes etched on their heads.

Adam takes the lead. He feels the sensation of crossing over into the Spirit plane. It becomes very quiet once he crosses. It is dark, dank and damp. There is a slight glow to the air. He can barely see though. Adam activates Forces sight.

Nem and Trina hear a sound in the distance. They are not sure what they can hear though. Porkchop seems to be sleeping. Nem sets up a ritual to get himself some forewarning if something comes up. Nem takes some uppers for the ritual. He also shares his LSD with Trina.

Trina starts ramping up her senses to detect what is going on in this area. She detects a serpent spirit in one direction and Adam/Naia in the other.

Nem tries to bait Porkchop while Adam and Naia start making their way into the area. Adam runs a combat ritual. Adam and Naia get the drop on Porkchop with Nem’s assistance.

Adam shoots Porkchop in the back and takes a good chunk out of him. He slithers around and heads down the tunnel. Nem jumps on Porkchop’s tail and grapples him. Porkchop ignores Nem and keeps going.

Porkchop tries to attack Adam, but Adam manages to dodge it. Adam tosses the shotgun to Nem. He stabs Porkchop and only slightly damages him. Naia slips on by and hands Trina her phone. Trina tries to lower the temperature but is unable to do so.

Nem grabs the shotgun and blasts away at Porkchop. He manages to blast Porkchop away cutting him in half. He is dead. He does not change back to a human after he dies. Nem hugs Adam. Adam asks how everyone is doing. Everyone seems to be okay.

Trina mentions there is a corrupted serpent spirit thingy further along the tunnel. It seems to recognize that they are there but does not seem to care one way or another.

Nem asks to see if they should speak with the serpent spirit. Naia wants to split. Adam is pretty beat up and agrees with Naia. He points out that police will probably arrive at some point. It may be best to close the portal when the group leaves. Naia suggests talking with it outside of its home. Naia does point out that the area is turning into a Blight though.

Naia suggests asking Jocelyn to clear the place. They decide to leave and close the portal behind them. They head back out the cellar doors, but do not leave the Middle Umbra. Shit. They are on some sort of rock spire. They can see other rock spires in the distance, but only the door leading back on this spire.


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