Thin Places

Game Session 21


Nem and Katrina are working on a Correspondence ritual together. In the middle of it, they hear motorcycles approaching. Nem snaps out of it and rushes to window. There are a bunch of Diamondbacks coming to get them.

Naia heads to her van and finds a “help” note on her dashboard written in stones. Naia tries calling Nem. The phone just rings. Naia calls Adam. He confirms that he has not received any signs of stones on his car. When she gets to Nem’s place, she finds that there are a bunch of police vehicles. There are signs of a fracas there. Also, maybe some gun play. The fences have been flattened.

Naia calls Adam again. She lets him know what she sees. There are no ambulances or meat wagons. That’s a good signs. She mentions Trina was with Nem yesterday and she is not answering either. She wants Adam there.

Adam grabs his gear and let’s Lady V know what is going on. She brings him a Chinese coin on a black satin strand. She wraps it around Adam’s wrist and tells him to keep it on him. She says it will help her track him if needed.

Naia goes chatting with Nem’s neighbors. She speaks with Lilith a neighbor of Nem’s. She says that there were a bunch of motorcycles and other vehicles. She called the cops. She said that it happened rather quickly. She has not seen any bodies or wounded. Naia sits and chats with her while waiting on Adam.

Adam tries calling Nem and Trina. Adam then calls Caterwaul. No answer. He leaves her a message. Adam arrives. He spots Naia and they meet up.

Adam approaches the police officers. He speaks with Officer Ortega. Gave Adam’s first name and the Lounge as the phone number. No real additional information to get other than what has already been observed.

Naia checked on King BBQ. He’s okay.

They head back to the pawnshop to discuss. They agree that it looks like the Diamondbacks have grabbed Nem and Trina. It looks like they may have to perform a rescue.

They discuss what they remember of Nem’s previous scan of the Diamondback headquarters. There is a main house that has three buildings; shed, back house and a barn. The main house has a couple of spaces that Correspondence could not view for some reason; an upper bedroom and the entire basement.

They look over the guns at the pawnshop. They are going to bring a backup piece for Naia. Adam transfers his equipment to the Naia’s van. April tells Naia to try to not get into a firefight.

Naia wants to call Green Buck. Adam is okay with that. Naia stops at a sports store and picks up a flare gun and flares. They head to the Neon Museum.

Naia hooks something up to the sign. She establishes contact with Green Buck and starts talking with him. He is willing to help in consideration for other favors in the future. He tells her to call him when the night comes and he will come a riding.

Adam works on the weapons. He makes an Entropy spell to help minimize weapon failure.

Adam emails Cat to find out if Trina’s phone moved. Also, he lets her know that Trina has been kidnapped. He then leaves message to Addison for a silencer.

Naia runs a ritual to find out whether Nem and Trina are held in the lower or upper house. She is unable to establish where precisely.

They get out to the farmhouse and scope out the place. There are lots of people moving around. They definitely appear on high alert. Outside, there are a lot of bikes, a station wagon and a van. The front house is about half a mile off the county road.

Naia spends time working on a ritual. It is a sort of fear bomb.

Adam wants to hit the upper house before alerting the lower house. He leaves Naia to create a diversion downstairs. Naia is good with this plan.

Adam grabs his stuff for the battle ahead. Naia prepares her equipment.

Night falls. Adam sneaks up to the van. He quietly breaks a side window and climbs in. He disables the dome light. Then, he slips into the back of the van. He find Nem and Trina’s stuff in a milk crate. He grabs Trina’s phone, Nem’s phone and Nem’s magick stuff. He decides to leave the rest for Naia to pick up. He throws the rest in a bag and leaves it at a tree near the van.

Adam sneaks up the road. About half way up it, he finds a giant log blocking the road. Adam manages to locate a couple of stealthy guards. Using a bow and arrow, he kills one across the road. The other guard heard something and moves across the road to check it out. Adam shoots him through the chest and rushes up. He confirms that it does not look like the second guard was able to make a call. Adam retrieves one arrow and calls Naia to give her a sit rep.

Naia starts working on summoning Green Buck. Green Buck appears. Also, she bumps up her Wits with some Mind. She cleans up the work space while waiting.

Adam grabs his bow and sneaks up to the upper area. He only see a single person on the patio. There are a couple of vehicles and lights on in the building.

Adam makes his way around the building. He sees some people in the bunkhouse and one person in the barn. Moving around the house, Adam shoots an arrow at the person working in the barn and takes them down. Then, he slips around and gets into the barn through a back door. He confirms the biker is dead. Adam calls Naia and tells her to give him a 10 count before she starts making noise downstairs. Adam moves into position to take out the people in the bunkhouse.


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