Thin Places

Game Session 20

Gnome pun intended

Everyone had some solo stuff since the last game session.

Nem trained Katrina on Correspondence 1. She goes over to his place for training. He sends her home as soon as she gets there. When she gets home, he shares his Corr sense with her. Trina finds out that Nem is not a great teacher. However, he manages to teach her without pissing her off.

He shows her the diorama of the cistern he created. He walked her though how he is planning on doing the Corr effect for it. Trina is totally into it. She loves building things.

Naia is doing some sort of concert thing towards the end of November.

When the group meets back up, Naia is looking for an Umbrood to find an earth elemental to clean out the well. She suggests offering Tass to help take out the mud.

Everyone joins Naia to do this. They head over to the Orleans. It is a week night. They run into some creatures that are night folk, but not approachable. Two of them are employees.

Wandering around they see an interesting person in the poker room. He is very tall and lean. Androgenous looking. It’s left hand is prosthetic made out of brass, crome, levers and gears. Very cool looking. From what they can tell, it is definitely not umbrood, but also not human. Very odd. Naia notices that it has had a metaphysical removal of the aura’s hand.


The next day, Naia calls the phone number on the business card they got. She reaches an answering service for Lou Lackland. She leaves a message stating it was about an earth moving job, 40-60 tons, underground with possible chemical contamination. She left her phone number.

About forty minutes later, she gets a call. Naia answers. He thinks he has some people that can help.

Lou sounds like a fixer. He knows that Naia and friends are Mages though he does not actually use the term “mage”. He is concerned that his clients may be a bit hesitant dealing with people like them due to binding and stuff.

He asks for details. How deep is it located? Do they have maps of the area? She lets him know that they are willing to part with some of the Tass there. She suggests four pieces of Tass. He thinks that may be reasonable but may involve some further payment. He will check around and call her back.

Naia tries to ask around about Lou. She does not find out a lot about him. He’s a bit of a poker pro. He has been around for a while. He hangs out at various poker rooms. He plays at higher quality rooms and teaches at lower ones.

A couple of days later, Naia gets a call from Lou. He has a contact for her. They will meet her at Pat’s Cafe on the corner of Boulder City Boulevard. He will be there with one of his tribe.

The diner used to be a Denny’s and has been replaced by something that is very Denny’s like. Naia and Trina go together. They take a map and samples of the muck creature.

Maka Tachatakup is the name of the contact. He is a weird looking dude in the corner booth. He’s about 5’4" tall. He is sitting with guy that looks a lot like him. They both have almost brown skin but some reddish to it. Both are very weathered in their appearance. Their skin is wrinkled and almost gnarly. The older one has thick gray hair and other is black. Both of their hair have been done in braids. Naia thinks these guys may be gnomes. It seems kind of strange with the Native American heritage, but she is pretty sure they are gnomes.

He invites them to sit down with him. The old man has a deep voice. He does not introduce the other person. He asks Naia to go over the details of the job again. Naia explains that they cleaned out the bad things and there is a lot of mud left over. Trina pulls out her phone and pulls up pictures. The second guy seems interested in what she is doing with her phone.

Maka takes the sample from Naia. He looks it over, smells it and tastes it. He says that he thinks it should be doable. He talks it over with his friend in a language that Naia and Trina do not know.

He says that in order to do the job they have to put a permanent door in place. It is non-negotiable. They can lock it on the well’s side, but it cannot be removed. Also, there can be no aggressive forces on either side of the Gauntlet while doing their work.

Trina asks them where the door leads. He says to many places. But, they will keep the door closed on their side. Naia asks about the Cabal possibly being able to use the door. He said it would cost more.

Price negotiation occurs. They agree to one Tass per month for the next 12 months. Naia checks them out and thinks they are probably not trying to cheat them. Naia agrees to the deal.

He pulls out a bag of dirt and puts a small amount on the table. He starts rubbing a bit between his palms and looking at her. She duplicates his actions. They touch hands and a small spirit effect happens.

The construction starts after 12/21. It takes about 10-12 days total. It will take 6-8 days to dig the tunnel. Then, a couple more to build the door. Once it is built, it will take a couple of days to move the mud out.

Naia hunts down Mank and pays him the other half that we owed him for leading us to the well. Also, she finds out from him about his agreement with the utility workers. She makes a contact out of Mank.


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