Thin Places

Game Session 19

The Ring

11/22/16 – Tuesday

Adam meets with Addison that night. She offered for Adam to help her with an upcoming job instead of paying the $1200 for the explosives. Adam accepts the job.

Adam texts Trina afterwards. She will meet Adam in the morning.

Nem starts thinking up a ritual to guard against people approaching the well. He plans on setting up an alarm on each of the tunnels. He heads home to work on his ritual. After several hours work, he creates a map of the tunnels in 3D space in his home.

Naia speaks with April about the creatures. She draws a picture of them. April goes downstairs to look them up. She returns and tells Naia that they are called “Freak Feet”. She thinks they are created creatures that lay eggs in humans. The humans are then taken over by the eggs.

April warns her that there may be other things on the other side of the Guantlet. Naia did not notice anything while she was down there, but she will look more closely the next time she is there.

11/23/16 – Wed

Trina texts Adam in the morning. Adam gets an address and heads over to meet her.

Nem calls Trina. She tells him that Adam is on the way over and will be working on the C4 shortly. Nem calls Naia, but she does not answer. He heads over to the pawn shop.

Adam looks over Trina’s space as this is the first time he has seen it. She offers coffee and he accepts. She makes coffee and he brings out the C4 he got from Addison. He relays to her what Addison told him about handling the C4. She gets online and starts researching more about C4.

After about 20 minutes of research and work on her phone, she manages to get it hooked up to her phone system. She starts getting a lot of ideas about how to effectively use the C4. She is fairly certain that she will be very successful with containing the explosion.

At the pawn shop, Nem sees a young guy with ginger hair is manning the front desk. He is arguing with someone that brought in a guitar. He comes over to Nem. His name is Claude. When Nem tells him that he is there for Naia, Claude pulls out a phone and compares a picture of Nem to the phone. He tells Nem that April said some people can just go on through. Nem is “on the list”. He lets Nem on through.

Nem hangs out in the kitchen for a bit, but gets bored. He starts heading down the hall. It seems different than before. He activates his Corr sight. He can tell there is something going on, but he cannot really tell what. When in the hallway, the hallway is curved. When in the kitchen, it is straight.

Nem wanders around. He gets part way down the hallway before he manages to resist the urge to keep going. He decides to go back to the kitchen. He studies the Corr effect to try to see how it works along the way back. He takes some DMT to help him. He sits down and starts using stuff he has in his pocket as part of a ritual to figure it out. He sees that the space has been bound and limited.

April walks in on him while he is doing this. She invites him to the living room. He asks where Naia might be. She directs him to check the van. Nem tries to clean up his mess and ends up making it worse. She goes and gets him a dustpan and broom. He cleans up and goes to find Naia.

Naia wakes up to the sound of someone knocking on her back van door. Nem tells her coffee is on. She closes the door on his face so she can change.

Nem asks if she got the pictures he sent her. She did. He explains that his security really only works for people and not creatures. Naia tells Nem about what she learned from April. He is duly freaked out by what those creature could do.

Nem gets the shotgun from his car and heads back down to the shop to make it a sawed off. April interrupts Nem. She tells him she has a shotgun to trade for his. Her shotgun will be easier to carry through the tunnels. He wants to keep his for sentimental reasons. She shows him the police issue shotgun. He gives her his old shotgun. She says, “I thought it was sentimental?” Nem replied, “Yeah, but I hated the guy.” April tells Claude to start processing the gun.

Nem and Naia head on to the well. They park at the parking garage. They find an entryway at the bottom of the parking lot. There is a fenced off section with junk behind it. After clearing the way through it, they find a municipal department door.

Nem uses Corr and slight-of-hand to pick the lock. He manages to get the lock open. Naia has to help him pry the door open since there is no handle on the outside.

They head downstairs and then down another flight of stairs. They find a work room with a power box. There are lots of switches in there, but they decide to skip it and move on to where they were located previously.

Naia sets up a place for them to hang out without the Freak Feet attacking them. They find a room and set up in there. Naia tries to think about what could be down there with the Freak Feet. She is not really able to come up with anything though.

Adam and Katrina drive out to the lot a little while later on. They find the doorway with no problems. Nem left it unlocked and they pry the doorway open. Trina looks the electricity over and turns stuff on.

They head downstairs. They locate the room where Naia and Nem are hanging out. She turns on the light there as well.

Naia tells Adam and Trina about the creatures. She also tells them that there may be something spirit related on the other side, but she was waiting on us to show up before looking herself.

Trina sets up a timer for the C4 and will be using Bluetooth to activate it as well.

Adam sneaks up to the edge of the tunnel and peers over the edge. It seems most of the Freak Feet are asleep. Only a couple are currently awake. He uses Spirit sight and sees some sort of creature in the near middle umbra. He does not know what it is precisely. It seems to be sleeping, but he cannot tell for certain. Adam is nervous and heads back to the group.

He tells them what he saw. He tells them about the guantlet bombs that he has. He thinks Naia should look the creature over before deciding on what to do.

Naia tries to put the 2 Freak Feet that are awake to sleep with Mind. They do not sleep, but they do get less active. Adam helps Naia sneak up to the edge. She looks it over with her Spirit sight and heads back to the group.

Naia says that it is big, but they could probably handle it. They make plans on how to best attack this situation. Naia hands Adam her gun that has 4 spirit bullets in it.

Adam sets up a Spirit ward circle using the circumfrence of the tunnel. Adam plans to run back to the edge after the charge and look over the edge and see what happens with the spirit being.

Adam puts a spirit bomb in the bag with the C4. Then, he seals up the C4 and drops it over the edge. Adam rushes back to the group. The Freak Feet investigate, but not before Trina sets the C4 off.

Trina’s work to contain the blast is perfect. Barely a sound is heard and the blast does not extend up the tunnel. She monitors her phone and collects data on the blast dynamics. After the explosion, she gives Adam the okay.

Adam rushes back to the edge of the tunnel. Peering over, he sees that the nest has been totally destroyed. Down below, the muck at the bottom is rippling outwards, hitting the walls and rippling back towards the center. At every ripple towards the center, the spout grows higher and higher.

Reaching near the edge of the tunnel, the muck spouts upwards from the blast wave and flings itself against the wall above the tunnel where Adam is looking. The spirit has embodied itself and stuck to the wall.

Adam moves back away from the edge of the tunnel. The muck monster starts climbing down into the tunnel. Adam fires on the “creature” while backing away. He makes the shot and blows out a fair bit of mud from the creature.

Adam steps past his ward and activates it. The creature passes through the ward with no problem and attacks. Surprised, Adam barely dodges. Now, the creature is between him and the rest of the group. He lines up a high shot to make sure he does not shoot anything back down the tunnel. Adam takes another shot and gets its attention again.

Nem takes a shot with the shotgun and manages to get a chunk of it. Adam takes another couple of quick shots with the gun and uses the last two spirit bullets from the gun. The last shot manages to take out the creature and it crumbles to dried mud before the group.

The next couple of weeks are spent as downtime with the group. April mentions that she wants someone to get her stuff from Mercury. Nem suggests using the scavengers to pick it up for her. Nem calls the female scavenger. He arranges her to call him if/when the security forces light up out there.

Lady V holds her annual gaming event at the Lounge. Adam is there to help provide security. The event lasts for six days and five nights.

During that time period, the Strange also reports that the Bonemaker activity seems to have been reduced. There have been fewer bones found in his normal hunting ground.


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