Thin Places

Game Session 17

Good dog.

11/17/16 – Thur

The Strange published several pictures from where Ceasar died. They seem to have tracked down its location based off the photo Adam sent over to them.

Naia spent her morning working on her jacket for Nem.

Trina works on her wearables project. Kim is hanging out with Trina later in the day to test the wearables.

Adam goes to work out with AnnMarie. Of course, he has to bring the kitten along. AnnMarie loves the kitten. However, she manages to scare the crap out of the kitten by growling at it and gets it to behave.

During the latter part of the day, Naia contacts Trina. Trina misses the call because she was working with Kim, but calls Naia back a short while later.

Naia has had the thought of finding a spirit of some place that has a security system. She hopes that will allow it to have “eyes” looking in a lot of directions to keep an eye out for the Bonemaker. She invites Trina to join her. When Trina explains to Kim what they are going to do, Kim says that she’s interested in going as well.

Kim and Katrina meet Naia at the West Preparatory Academy. It has several buildings and an outdoor cafeteria. They get there in the early evening, hoping most school activities have ended for the day.

Driving through the area, they noticed several cable/DSL installation vans. It seems like more vans than what they would have expected to see in the area at the same time. When they check out the technicians, it seems they are taking some sort of readings of the air.

Naia checks them over with Spirit and Prime. Naia does not sense anything from them. Trina checks the out as well. She cannot pick up anything either. They know something weird is going on, but they are just not sure what it is precisely.

When they get to the school, they notice there is some activity there. It seems like maybe setting up for some sort of a dance or something. They notice that there are cameras pointing out at the streets, parking lots and the athletic field.

While getting high, they brainstorm on how to get the spirit of the high school to work with them. They think to maybe check out the Administration office first. That’s where they head and find an open door that lets them get into the school. No one stops and questions them. Mostly, they are ignored as they appear age appropriate and do not really stand out. They wander around and find the office. It is currently closed.

Trina tries to pick the lock on the door. She is not successful, but thankfully does not break the lock. They decide to head to the auditorium instead.

Trina suggests that speaking to the spirit as a sports metaphor. Maybe pitching that the Bonemaker is an opposing team.

They get the idea that perhaps one of them doing cheerleader routines while engaging a spirit ritual may call out to the school’s spirit. Kim starts limbering up. She is going to do something vaguely school spirit like. She pulls off a single back hand spring and stops. She says she may hurt herself if she tries that again.

Kim finds the AV panel and starts messing around with it. Trina works the lights and Kim takes the spotlight acting like a cheerleader.

Naia starts calling out to the school’s spirit. She gets its attention. This is a significant spirit. The spirit appears in the form of a dog with pale silver eyes. It wakes and wuffs. Naia tells it good dog. It’s happy to hear that.

Trina takes over the conversation. She asks if it watches over the school. Yes. Trina says there is another spirit trying to take over its territory. It says it will bite it. Trina suggests that before biting it, to let them know first. It agrees. It will bark then bite. It is not sure what it is looking out for though. Naia suggests it keep an eye out for an orange creature. It says it will guard. They are not sure if they conveyed that he needs to contact them if he finds it but they know it will keep a lookout. They will come back and check in on it later.

They stop by the Soul Food Restaurant and pick up some ribs. Then, they chat briefly and head home.

11/18/16 – Fri
At 8:45am, Adam gets a text from an unrecognized number claiming to be from Addison. They are asking to meet with Adam. He responds to meet at the Lounge in the parking lot.

A short while later, he meets her in the parking lot. She steps out in view and slips back behind an RV. Adam follows her around.

She is tired and bruised. She looks worried. She asks Adam to slip her inside subtly. They go through the back and downstairs to his work space.

She says her new employers seem to be losing the war. There are some strange things that happened recently. She wants Adam to research something.

She shows him some pictures on her phone taken from a weird angle. They show a humanoid figure that is a bit demonic looking. It has hard ridges and spines on the knuckles, grayish maroon skin, dressed in a large poofy coat. In all, she shows him seven photos that all seem to be same creature.

She tells Adam that the Egui found an ally from the deep umbra. Some creatures called “The Cradled”. She is not sure how they found or contacted these creatures. The Cradled seem to have a lot of high tech stuff. The Egui are trying to buy weapons and maybe soldiers from them.

She hands Adam a pill bottle. Inside of it is a dart, with three prongs. In the shaft, there is a liquid capsule and it has four fins on its end. She stole this dart. She says that she snatched it out of the air when no one was looking and they think it is expended ammo that has been lost after it was fired.

When they hit things, like the Vordulak, it attacks the fundamental structure underneath. From what she describes, it sounds kind of like what Adam saw Lady V did with Entropy to that biker. They basically decomposed very quickly.

She says that there is also another weapon that is a knife. She says that it has a similar effect. She has not had a chance to test the knife yet herself.

She asks Adam to research the dart. Adam mentions that he may need to seek help from others. She says he can ask others for help, but try to keep only with the people he trusts.

She says she may have to disappear. She thinks she may be in a bit over her head now. Adam offered to help make her disappear if she needs it. She thanks him for the offer and will let him know. She takes off quickly afterwards.

Adam looked a bit at the dart with senses. He sees that the dart is made out of spirit stuff. It is definitely not of this earth. He can also detect a minor Entropy effect.

Adam plans on talking with Lady V about it and then probably Naia on the way to researching further with the Chantry.


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