Thin Places

Game Session 16

Technocracy makes an offer

11/15/2016 – Tuesday

Nem attempts to scry the future before his meeting with Cantrell to see what she may ask of him. He meets resistance to his scrying and attempts to push through it. He does manage to get through but he cannot hear the conversation. Based on his body language, he can tell that he is surprised by the conversation but not afraid. From the best he can tell, the conversation was not what he was originally expecting. Nem tries to seal the breach that he made when pushing through the barrier on his way back out.

During the same day, Trina starts painting her dreams. Adam spends the day kitten proofing his work space. Naia continues to work on the protection jacket she has been making for Nem.

11/16/2016 – Wednesday

Nem calls and leaves a message for the Bear Hippie. He wants to talk with him about improving his Mind sphere.

Nem goes to the Golden Nugget and has the valet park his vehicle. His is meeting with SA Cantrell at the Vic & Anthony’s Worldclass Steakhouse in the Golden Nugget. When he attempts to enter, the maître d’ blocks him from getting a table without a reservation or being a hotel guest. Nem goes and books a room to get into the restaurant. When he gets back, he is 15 minutes late and the maître d’ says Cantrell is already there waiting for him. He is led back to meet her.

She is already seated. Nem notices that she has a medium size purse with her. They shake hands. She orders drinks and they sit. She makes small talk about his work. She has spoken with Nem’s boss, Zelda Hankie, about his work. She asks Nem about his leg injury. He tells her about the time the stage collapsed and a pipe went through the leg.

He asks about the biker game case. She said that she has not been involved in the case much. Her part of the agency is more involved with the cult part of things.

The food arrives and they eat. During the meal, she seems distracted. She pulls out a large screen phone and messes with it a bit. Then puts it away. Nem tries to turn on his Correspondence at the same time that she does this. He can see his past intrusion easily. He can also see the warding she put up. Also, he is pretty sure he just got busted. She does not give him any sign that she noticed it though.

After food, she tells him that she was called in on an unusual occurrence. She noticed that Nem was there as well. She was asked to review to security footage a couple of weeks ago. She pulls out a photo and asks him what he knew about the person in the photo (Edith). He sees a photo from across the street from the diner. She then shows him another photo of Edith lying on the ground in Mercury and taken from an apparent long way above.

Nem tells Cantrell Edith is deranged, dangerous and has something of a sweet tooth. During this bit, his Time sense collapses and has a few seconds of fugue state. He finishes his drink and orders another one. When the server comes over, Cantrell covers the photos before the waiter sees them.

Nem asks her interest in Edith. Cantrell tells Nem that this Marauder is more dangerous than the biker situation. She wants Nem’s info on Edith and promises him he would not regret helping her out. He tells her that he ran across her for the first time at the diner. Nem gives Cantrell Edith’s name.

Cantrell is concerned that Edith was near the NNSS. She asks Nem if he knows any of Edith’s strengths and weaknesses, her goals, etc. Nem does not offer up any more info, but tells her he will investigate further. She encourages him to ask his friends as well about her. He has some informal immunity for him and his friends for Edith related topics.

She asks him if there is any other information he can provide regarding her or the biker situation. Nem draws her a map of where Ms Olsen is currently located. She is disappointed by finding out they are in a compound. She is not going after them personally, but someone might go out there.

She explains to him that he and his friends are small potatoes. He expresses his gratitude for lack of interest on her part. She expresses her gratitude for his lack of ambition, which keeps the group from being on her radar.

As they wrap up the conversation, Cantrell asks Nem if he has accommodations at the hotel. He tells her that he does. She invites herself up with him to his room. They have some rather business like sex. Nem is left with the impression that she may have some small but genuine affection for Nem. She seems to have a thing for scruffy underachievers with bad attitude problems. She reminds him a bit of his ex-wife.

During this time, Katrina has been working on her wearables. She is trying to make them as small as possible. At this point, the electronics still exposed. She is attempting to make a light setup that reacts to the things the user does while wearing them.

She has set up a fairly good input method using these wearables with her phone. She is trying to create a wearable device that allows her to control lights at Kim’s show and more importantly, allow her to dance.

She invites Kim and Cat over to dance and test out the wearables.

The head of security at the Lounge, Hank, pages Adam. He wants to speak with Adam about something. Adam leaves the kitten in a large box so it cannot roam around. The kitten does not want him to leave and cries after him.

Adam heads to the security room. Hank is there with another security guard. He wants Adam to walk around with him and look at something while not actually looking like he is looking at it.

Hank points out a beat up Chevy Silverado truck down the street. He says one man was there a couple of weeks ago in a different truck. There are a couple of scruffy looking white guys with beards. He says he has been seeing guys like this over the last couple of weeks.

Adam tells him that it may be something personally involving Adam rather than something involving the Lounge. Hank seems relieved that Adam will talk with Lady V and not be the one to have to personally do it. They call up and we told to head up to speak with Lady V.

As they approach her office, an older woman is leaving Lady V’s place. She has a big ass knife that is almost the size of a machete. She seems to recognize Adam and stops to speak with him. Her name is Deagan Moore. Adam recognizes her as part of the Sand Sisters. She invites him to come out and visit at some point. Adam said he would like to do that.

Adam and Hank enter Lady V’s office. Hank is practically hiding behind Adam. Adam explains that the security team noticed a number of suspicious individuals that seem to be staking out the Lounge. They asked Adam to take a look. He tells her he thinks it may be related to the Church situation.

She dismisses Hank. She asks Adam to look into it further and if so, take care of it. He says that he will. Adam points out that she mentioned previously it should be hard for them to trace back to the Lounge. She agrees that is a bit disconcerting.

She asks about training with Hallman. Adam tells her that it is going slow. Adam can see what is wrong but still has no idea how to start to fix it. She points out to Adam that bigger problems like this often do not come with simple solutions. He should expect that it will take time to work it out.

She asks about the kitten. Adam tells her that it is not happy that he left it behind. She agrees. She tells Adam she can hear it from here. Adam cannot hear it though. She shares her Mind sense with Adam and he can hear it crying out that it is lonely over and over again. Adam hustles off to take care of the kitten.

A bit later in the day, Adam walks down the street to get a better look at the vehicle while pretending to be on an errand. He gets the make/model and license plate of the truck. He has a good idea as to the year and notes that a sticker was scraped off one of the windows. He does notice that they seemed to pay attention to him when he was walking by. He does not know if they were paying more attention to him than other people though.

That same day, April meets with Naia. She tells Naia that she wants to hire some help. They need someone to work the shop. Also, someone to learn some magic would be nice. She wants to show Naia how to make some spirit bullets. Also, Naia needs to practice at the gun range at some point. Naia not thrilled about it, but sees the wisdom based on recent events.

During the conversation, April mentions maybe a second shooter was out there helping fight off the gummy bears in Mercury. Naia told her it was Adam. He has been deemed as “pulled in to save butts guy”. April said that it is not a bad idea to have a Euthanatos as a friend.

Naia tries to call Nem. He does not answer at the time. She reaches him a bit later after his sex. She wants him to come over and talk about what happened. He said he would be there in like an hour.

Nem arrives. He locks the door behind him and puts up the closed sign.

He tells Naia that he is pretty sure Cantrell was from the Technocracy. He tells her that they are interested in Edith more than us. Naia does not want to hand Edith over to the Technocracy, but she really thinks that is more April’s call. Nem is not sure either way.

Naia offers to show Nem the jacket she has been working on. Nem points out that it kind of looks a bit like a snake. Nem really likes it though.

Nem and Naia decide to go talk to April about whether or not to give Edith over to the Technocracy. They head downstairs and knock on the door to her work space. April tells them to put on some tea while she finishes her work. She joins them a few minutes later.

Nem tells April about his lunch meeting with Cantrell. April points out that they have been on the Technocracy radar for a while. He tells her that they are looking for Edith. She tells her to tell them anything. She gives Nem details to give them.

Edith was born in England somewhere in the 50-60’s. She was an early fan of Black Sabbath. April met her in NY somewhere around the time she had been requested by the Traditions & Technocracy to leave England. They hit it off. As time wore on, Edith spent more time studying Paradox affects and results. Then, she disappeared at some point. April thinks she was in Paradox realm and only recently seemed to have return.

She asks Nem to not mention April was Edith’s student. Points out that the diner incident was rather big. She wishes the Technocracy well trying to capture Edith. God help them if they try succeed in capturing her. April leaves.

Naia and Nem discuss a bit further. Naia suggest to Nem that he mention that Edith was interested in Asshole Baneseeder.

Adam calls Nem about the suspicious characters around the Lounge. He is invited over to Naia’s place. Adam and Trina meet Nem and Naia over there. Everyone loves the kitten. Adam is asked for its name. The kitten does not have one yet. There are a number of suggestions, but nothing seems right to Adam.

Adam tells Nem about the stakeout at the Lounge. He give the info about the vehicle. Nem will look into it.

Naia and Nem tell Adam and Katrina about the meeting with Technocracy. Trina is not thrilled. They are not looking at this group, but they are looking at Edith. As long as they do not make trouble, they should remain off the Technocracy’s radar.

Naia mentions that they are going to mention the Baneseeder guy to them, but will not mention April.

Adam asks if they know about his involvement in the Mercury event. He was not mentioned, but he should assume that they know. They probably at least know someone was out there with rifle support.

They ask Adam how he ended up out there in the first place. Adam tells them about the coyote on his car named Foxy and how he was lead out there. Nem says that he has met Foxy. He says sometimes she’s a woman, sometimes a coyote. He does not have a way of getting in touch with her. He said she was welcome at his place. Nem knows her as Coyote’s daughter.

Naia mentions that they found cameras in Mercury on some of the street lights.

Nem mentions Coyote may request payment. Adam says he did not hear anything from Foxy. However, Lady V said that Coyote tends to not do things that are not to his advantage.

The group decides to leave Naia’s place and head out to the soul food restaurant. They eat on the patio as they cannot bring the kitten into the restaurant. Naia speaks with the spirit of the restaurant. It has not seen anything related to the Bonemaker.

Adam runs a ritual to try to determine where the Bonemaker may next strike. It is not really successful, but he does notice scars in the gauntlet of this area. He points them out to Naia.

While wandering around to look for another spirit guardian, Adam notices a wraith. It is of a smallish older weathered man. He is missing some teeth has grey hair and appears anywhere between 50’s to 80’s. It is hard to tell.

Adam run another ritual in an attempt to summon and speak with the wraith. He is not really successful, but the spirit seems to notice someone calling to it. It floats a bit closer. They can see the bottom half of the body is ill defined.

He speaks Spanish. Crap. Adam does not know Spanish. Trina joins the conversation as she knows Spanish.

The wraith starts questioning them. Who are you? What’s happening? What time is it? Trina tells him the date. She asks what the last thing is that it remembers. He says his legs do not work. He looks down, sees them missing and screams. They appear to have been bitten off or torn off. He falls down and holds his legs. Trina calms him down.

Ceasar Gutierrez is his name. Trina asks what we can do for him. Adam explains to her that he was taught that wraiths are stuck in the wheel. This is typically caused by the need to resolve something. He says that it is not surprising that Ceasar cannot remember anything. New wraiths often do not remember what happened to them just before they died. She says that it is most likely due to his death rather than some other emotional issue.

Nem steps to the circle and tries to scry backwards to see what happened here to Caesar. He thinks about trying to steal the Bonemaker’s power but realizes that may be a bad idea. Also, the Bonemaker is not a really well established urban myth at this point with a lot of belief behind it. He settles on Thin Man instead.

Nem scrys backwards and sees a flash of orange light. Something like a mouth that came out of nowhere. A beak with no seams. Flashes once, stretching liquid sound, a snap, a scream and another snap and over.

She asks Ceasar where he is from. He says it is a Guatemala seaside village. Katrina said that she would try to get Caesar back home. He is confused. He does not know he is dead. She tells him about the Bonemaker and asks him to keep his eye out for it. He asks if this thing kills people. Yes. Adam is nodding at him. Ceasar realizes he is dead. He tells Katrina that he is ready to move on. He fades away.

Adam realizes that the place where Ceasar died was not marked down on the Strange’s map. However, there was a spot nearby where some bones were found. This leads him to believe that the positions on the map from the Strange are only the exit points.

Katrina marks Ceasar’s death spot on the dumpster.

The group disbands for the evening. Everyone heads home.

Katrina spends the remainder of the evening looking up what people can find out about her with her license plate.

Adam emails the Strange about possible details with the death of Ceasar Gutierrez. He gets an email a short while later asking for photos or documentation. At a later time, Adam gets a photo of the dumpster spot where Ceasar died while cropping out the sign Katrina left of Ceasar’s death spot.


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