Thin Places

Game Session 15

Attack of the gummy bears

11/13/2016 – Sunday
Adam has spent the last couple of days working on casino machines and his truck. Around 9:30am, he gets a call from the security office to come upstairs. He heads upstairs. They shows him a security camera pointed into the parking lot. There is a scrawny dog sitting on the hood of his truck. Security said they already tried to get the dog to go away, but it just hid and ran back up on the truck after they left.

Adam heads out to his run. After a closer look, it appears to be a coyote. He notices that it has collar though. Adam tries to shoo it off the truck, but it just runs around on top of the truck and does not get off.

After a few minutes of this, the dog jumps off the truck and goes to the driver side door. He barks at the door, looks at Adam and looks back to the door. Adam opens the door and the coyote jumps in and settles down in the passenger side of the truck. He looks at the gun rack, barks at it, looks at Adam and looks back at the rack.

Adam heads back inside and grabs his equipment and hunting rifle. When he gets back to the truck, the dog is still there and moves around to look forward after Adam drops off his rifle in the rack. Adam reaches for the dog’s collar and sees a name of “Foxy” on it. There is no owner contact information.

Foxy barks and prompts Adam to drive. After a few minutes of watching Foxy and learning his signals, Adam manages to make it out on the 91 heading north. Foxy leads Adam past Mercury and pulls off the side of the road a ways past it. He leads Adam through a trail on a steep hike up a mountain near the security site, but not into it.

After a bit, he leads Adam down a slope and then off a game trail. Adam is taken to a spot where he can see down a number of streets in Mercury. From this distance, Adam is unable to see anything going on Mercury. When he makes a move to continue on to Mercury, Foxy growls and Adam understands that he needs to stay put. Adam sets up a sniper’s nest and scans the area to see what may happen.

A few minutes later, Adam sees movement down below. Looking through is scope, he can see April, Naia, Nem, Katrina and Caterwaul down in Mercury. The group starts moving in a direction and Adam sees them meet up with Edith. Edith is saying something to April. Then, she starts talking directly with Nem.

As this is occurring, Adam spots a couple of dust plumes from approaching vehicles. In one direction, Adam sees a 3 vehicle convoy of Humvees heading towards Mercury. In another direction, he sees a single Humvee heading that way as well. Adam reaches for his phone to call Naia.

Meanwhile, Edith is asking Nem what he saw when he was last here. He tells her about the heat haze he scryed taking the dog collar from the store. This seems to provoke a response from Edith. She asks the group as a whole what they know about this heat haze and what it seems to be doing.

Naia’s phone rings. Edith tells her to go ahead and answer it. Naia backs away and answers her phone. Adam tells her that the security people are closing in on their group. He tells her 4 vehicles are heading there right now. Naia tells Adam they are going to run away and she hangs up on him.

While Naia was speaking with Adam, Edith pulled out a half-eaten pack of gummy bears. She has two in her hand, one orange and another green. She is poking them and speaking to them in a low voice.

Nem thanks Edith for saving him from Diamondback’s attack. Edith, being distracted, tells him that is no problem and continues to talk to the gummy bears. Naia returns and warns that the security people are coming.

They start to hear one of the vehicles approaching. It comes around the corner and starts barreling down the street towards them. It slides to a halt and a single security officer gets out. He tells everyone to freeze, stand still and remain calm. He has his hand on his gun, but he has not drawn it at this point.

Nem ignores the warning and dives for cover. April starts backing away from Edith and heads towards the high school. Caterwaul seems to have disappeared from site.

Two other soldiers exit the vehicle. They have rifles but are not aiming at anyone.

Trina starts to back away slowly.

Edith picks up the orange gummy bear and flicks the green one between the first soldier and his vehicle. As it arcs through the air, it grows rapidly, ending up 12 feet tall. It bounces when it hits the ground and the whole ground shakes. Several people fall over including Edith and the soldier. The bear then bounces into the vehicle and pushes it several feet back knocking over the other two soldiers.

Nem scoops up Trina and they take off at a run for the high school. Naia also bolts away. The first soldier gets up with his gun. The gummy bear behind him swats at the soldier. The gummy bear bounces into the vehicle again and rolls it over trapping one of the other two soldiers.

Edith gets up and looks around while dusting herself off. She sees the party members running away. She appears confused at first, then hurt and finally angry. She flicks the orange gummy bear towards the retreating group to try to block their exit. It grows like the first bear and grabs onto the underside of the car to prevent it from driving away.

At this point, everyone is in the car except for Caterwaul. Katrina tries driving away, but is unable to do so with the bear latched onto the car.

From his sniper’s nest, Adam takes a shot at one of the arms of the orange gummy bear to get it to release the car. He manages to hit the arm and it detaches, but does not free the car from the other arm.

Naia tries to sense Caterwaul. She can detect she’s in the area, but not sure where precisely. She tries to call Adam to ask him to find Caterwaul and give her a ride. When she is unable to reach Adam, she tries calling Caterwaul to tell her to contact Adam for a lift.

April has rolled down the window of the car. She aims at the gummy bear and fires a gun. There is no bang, but end results of a moment of hearing loss on the group like a gunshot went off. She hits the gummy bear. It starts making noise like it is hurt. The bullet starts chewing through its body. It lets go of the car

Their car takes off and starts speeding towards Edith and the soldier. Trina manages to swerve around Edith and almost hits a building. She manages to straighten out and take off down the street.

The orange gummy bear starts bouncing after the car. Nem grabs the shotgun, but April tells him not to use that. She gives him her gun and starts fiddling with her second gun.

The three other Humvees start coming down the street. They are focused on the gummy bears. Adam takes a shot at the orange gummy bear and hits it in the head. It does not do much to impede the bear.

Nem gets a shot off at the gummy bear. He blind fires using Correspondence. He hits the bear. He fires again and hits it a second time. Like with April’s earlier shot, the bullets seem to eat through the body of the gummy bear. They turn down a street and pull out of Mercury.

From his viewpoint, Adam see the soldiers fire on the bear. He helps out for a bit but tries to minimize his involvement so as to not reveal himself to the soldiers. He might have saved one of the soldiers. At this time, Adam sees Foxy down in the street with the soldiers and it started attacking the bears. Adam packs up and saw a couple of calls and text messages on his phone. After listening to his messages, he calls Caterwaul back and arranges for a spot to pick her up.

The first group is recovering in Trina’s car as they head back. Nem gives April her gun back. April is upset that she left her equipment out in Mercury. Naia is upset that she thought it was a good idea to talk to Edith. April gets Trina to slow the car down so as not to be suspicious.

Naia suggests to April that the prospectors might be able to pick up April’s equipment. April said that was a good idea. Also, maybe warn them that Edith will be camping out there.

April hopes that Edith will eat the Asshole Baneseeder.

April talks with Naia about Mercury. She says that it is not natural. She thinks it is an interesting environment though. The place seems stretched and strained. Naia asks if she thinks it was purposeful. April says maybe or possibly a side effect to something else. Who knows what the Technocracy have been doing in the desert for the last 60 years or so. April starts to drop into a sour mood.

Adam picks up Caterwaul. He offers her some water. She notices that his rifle has been fired and asks him about it. He tells her he was helping from away. She asks how he got there. He tells her about the coyote. She does not like that.

The two groups coordinate with each other about meeting afterwards. Caterwaul asked to be dropped off at her place. Adam takes her there.

Naia tries to get April out of her funk, but does not really succeed.

Everyone heads back to their separate homes and rest for the evening. Trina and Caterwaul get together and commiserate over the events of the day.

Adam gives Lady V an update as to what happened when he gets back to the Lounge. She was out when he left earlier in the day. She asks him if he looked at the coyote with his senses. No. He did not think about it. She warned him to be more careful with that in the future. Also, if he sees this coyote again, to look at it more carefully. Lastly, there may be an issue due to this. She thinks this may be the spirit of Coyote. If so, Coyote does not do things for free. So, either there will be some sort of payment for this, or something else paid the cost and this help was just happenstance. Maybe Adam has become a pawn to something else.

She asks Adam about his meeting with Hallman. Adam explains that Hallman will not train him at this time due to Adam’s lack of connection. Adam tells her that he agrees with Hallman’s assessment. Lady V is troubled by what Hallman said. She agrees with him. She does not know how to help Adam in this matter. She herself does not have much in the way of connections. She is concerned and wants to think on it.

That evening, Nem tries meditating. After a while, he gives up on it and does some shrooms. Then he wanders around outside.

11/14/16 – Monday
Naia wants to make a ring based off of one that Edith seemed to be using. She’s making it as an apology for Edith if she comes across her again.

In the morning, Adam is paged for a call. Art Hallman invites him to join him for some construction work in Green Valley. Adam goes out there to help out.

A number of the monks are working out there. Also, a lot of other volunteers and what seems to be a court order delinquent group. The setup is sort of a Habitat-for-humanity project. Hallman tells Adam to work mindfully and consistently with those around him. He wants Adam to try to be aware of his connection with everyone else working on this project, the people that will live here one day, the people that harvested the trees that make the lumber, etc. He needs to learn to feel his place in it.

Adam spends the rest of the day working mostly in silence with them. Since he does not really have a lot of construction background, he mostly chops wood, hauls lumber, carries drywall, etc. At the end of the day, Art asks Adam how the experience was for him. Adam explained that he saw the connection, but not sure how to get there. Art tells him he just has to practice. He asks if Adam will be there tomorrow. Adam tells him that assuming no commitments, sure.

Katrina spends the day working. She checks in with Caterwaul, but mostly works at home on jobs she has scheduled to complete. Cat & Kim come over to drag her out for coffee and to be friends.

Nem gets in touch with his police contact, Carlos Menzata. He wants to check out the collar. Carlos sends him some digital copies of the finger prints. Nothing came back on the fingerprint databases he has access to though.

11/15/16 – Tuesday
Adam helps out with the construction on the following day. He does not get to talk to Hallman much. They break for the day around lunch time. Hallman pulls Adam aside and gives Adam a kitten. He asks Adam to take care of the cat for the next couple of days. Adam calls Lady V to see if she’s okay with that. She says it is his problem. As long as he keeps it out of the casino floor and takes care of it, she has no problems. Art tells Adam that the kitten still has to be bottle fed and stuff like that. Adam goes to the pet store and buys all the stuff that he can think of he would need to take care of a cat. Then, he heads back to the Lounge.

Trina spends this day working on her queue of work.

Naia checks out the earring that she made to help scry on Mercury.

Later that evening, Naia and Trina go wandering around to look for the Bonemaker. Naia wants to talk to spirits and ask about the Bonemaker. While wandering around, Naia brings Trina up to date about what the Bonemaker is and what is going on with their search for it.

They head over to a soul food restaurant that has been there for a while. They go inside and order some food. Naia starts rearranging stuff at their table. Katrina watches what she is doing.

Naia starts talking with the spirit of the restaurant. There are some communication issues, but she seems to make a deal with it to watch out for the Bonemaker.

They wander around a bit more and look for some street artwork to talk to. They find one. It seems to be some sort of memorial that is being maintained. Naia tries to speak with the artwork. It is powerful but dumb. This makes it hard to communicate with it.

Trina tries to look at it with Time, but fails. Her phone crashes on her immediately. She tries again and fails again. This time, her phone will not start up on her.

Naia draws a copy of the image on the wall and leaves a throw away email address with it. She is hoping that whomever is maintaining the artwork may contact her.

Nem spends part of the day scrying upon the Diamondbacks gang to find out what they are up to. He is not successful and gets a splitting headache. He decides to go to bed. A short while later, Special Agent Cantrell calls Nem. She wants to meet with him. He says he will meet her tomorrow at 11:30. He suggests the diner of the snake attack. She says it is closed. He suggests the Golden Nugget instead. She is okay with that. Nem decides to change it to noon instead.


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