Thin Places

Game Session 12

Enter the Trina

11/1/2016 – Tues
Adam, Naia and Nem return to Naia’s shop after their incident with the Diamondback at the diner. They arrive to find that Jocelyn is in the kitchen speaking with newcomer April May. April is Naia’s mentor.

April queries Naia as to what happened to the trio. When Naia starts to explain how the group was saved by dumpster lady, April becomes upset. She tells the group to follow her.

April lead the group past a previously empty shop that is now filled with junk. She leads them down to a previously non-existant stairway and into one of the rooms below. April spends a few minutes putting together a pentacle around Naia using electronics and white noise. Once this is done, April asks Naia to start over and explain what happened last night.

During the course of the conversation, April reveals that dumpster lady is actually April’s former mentor, Edith Walker. She believes that Edith has been squatting in Naia’s dreams and that is probably why Naia felt pain in her head just before Edith appeared. April also reveals that she believes Edith went Marauder. She used to seek out backlash to understand it better.

April tells Naia to get comfy as she is going to be living in this ward for the next few days. They will work together on cleaning out Naia’s mind to make sure Edith does not return.

As April heads upstairs to get food for the group, Jocelyn speaks with them about what she learned from ViVi. She says that there is something wrong with ViVi. She thinks some kind of carnivore is living inside of ViVi. She could not find it through her meditation. It seems to be opening portals into the real world, grabbing things to eat and spitting out the bones.

The group briefly discuss that this sounds like the Bonemaker. Jocelyn would not recommend going in there with the Bonemaker, but if possible, to drag it out of one of its portals.

11/2/2016 – Wed
Naia and April work on cleaning out Naia’s headspace of Edith. She also starts teaching Naia how to ward her dreams against Edith’s return.

During the day, Caterwaul and Katrina come over to help April out with the wiring to the shop. Later in the day, Kim Lee comes by to help out some with the wiring.

That same day, Gina calls and leaves Naia a message. When Naia returns her call later, Gina informs Naia that Detective Carter contacted her. They told Gina that they were investigating some deaths at the church where Ned was held. Gina told them that she did not know anything about Naia’s involvement. She told Naia that she is pretty sure that they will continue to pursue this investigation. When Naia asked about Ned, Gina said that he was doing better, but will not be the same boy he was before.

During that same day, an ambush was reported in the news. A Mercedes SUV was trapped between some vehicles and sprayed with bullets. Afterwards, it was set on fire. Two sets of remains were found in the vehicle.

Nem spends the day scrying backwards on the snake to see where it came from.

11/3/2016 – Thur
Naia is finally released from her warding.

Nem calls Naia and Adam to meet at the pawnshop. When they get there, Nem explains that he tracked the snake backwards. It was done by the bikers. They are after Nem.

He informs the others that Ms Olsen is now running the church. Also, Ga’tso has marked Nem. That is why Diamondback is after him.

Nem wants to retaliate. He is thinking of pitting the vampires against the church, but he is not sure how to do it. April inquires about the type of vampires we are dealing with. They explain that they have come across the Vourdulak and Blood Ghosts. April mentions that there is also an African type of vampire.

Adam suggests that Nem speak with Addison and see if she has any thoughts on how to pit the vampires against the church. He gave Nem Addison’s contact info. Nem called and left a message for Addison.

April suggest that someone start checking out the Bonemaker sites. Perhaps there may be a way to predict when the next portal will open or where it will open. Adam said he will check into it.

Naia and April spend the rest of the day working on some concepts Naia had for making some armor.

11/4/2016 – Fri
Addison gets in touch with Nem. They meet up at a motel that Nem is staying in.

After Nem explains his idea of getting the vampires to go after the bikers, Addison said that nothing immediately comes to mind. She thinks it would be hard to get the Vourdulak to go after the bikers. They do not have any conflicting territories.

Nem thinks he may be able to fabricate some evidence that the Blood Ghosts are working with the bikers. He hopes that will make the Vourdulak to go after the bikers.

That same day, Adam contacts the Strange regarding the Bonemaker. They get back to him a short while later and agree to meet him at a coffee shop. After waiting a while, a woman that was already in the shop gets up and comes over to Adam. She introduces herself as Lillian Nelson. He introduces himself as “Michael”.

They talk for a bit about Adam’s reasons for doing this. Adam says he is an amateur sleuth. When she asks if he is concerned about protecting himself, he explains that he can take care of himself.

Lillian takes Adam over to the Stange’s office. There is a map on the wall of the Las Vegas area. Color coded pins are stuck in it. Using the pins and the data listed next to the map, it shows that the first incident started about 3 years ago. They are concentrated around the Triangle, but the area has been growing recently. Also, the size of the bone deposits seems to be growing.

Adam suggest the hunting area may be expanding. Lillian agrees with the assessment.

After taking a picture of the map and info, Lillian gives Adam her card. Adam notices the journalism awards in the office and some of the photos. It appears that Lillian is a war correspondent.

Elsewhere, Nem has started his scrying. He first views the event with the Mercedes SUV ambush. It turns out that there were 2 vampires and 2 normals in the car. Also, Addison appeared to be in charge of the ambush.

Nem tracks the Mercedes backwards and sees that the vehicle came from the Golden Nugget. When Nem looks over the Nugget, it appears to be a base of operations for the Vourdulak. There is a back area just for the vampires. Several of them look rather corpse like. There is also a shark tank in the back that is not open to the public.

That is all the info Nem could gather before Coyote caught him.

11/6/2016 – Sun
Hilary Clinton wins the presidential election.

During the day, Katrina started experiencing an issue where she got a bit of passive telepathy. She was getting bits of conversation from people before they actually spoke. April found this amusing. She spent a bit of time looking over Katrina’s Avatar.


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