Thin Places

Game Session 22
Why did it have to be snakes?

Nem and Trina’s story thus far…

While working on a Correspondence ritual, Nem and Trina were interrupted by the sound of approaching motorcycles. The Diamondbacks rush Nem’s trailer and a minor conflict ensues. During the combat, both Nem and Trina were bitten by a snake guy. His poison knocks them both out.

Trina wakes up in a pantry. Nem is a the shed. Nem uses Correspondence to move rocks to Naia’s van as a note. Mrs. Olsen comes in to the shed. She sees the Correspondence workings. She confiscates their stuff and transfers them both into the basement which is an opening to the Umbra. Porkchop is there. He has changed since the last they saw him. He is now a half-snake/half-man.

They try to figure a way to get out of there. Nem suggests Trina call out to the spirits and message Naia or Adam. She tries to do so, but there are no spirits in the area. It seems like it may be a pocket realm or something like that.

Nem tries to access his Demense. He can, but not move into the Demense. He can hear Bugs searching for him, but cannot reach him.

Back to Naia and Adam…

Naia waits for a few moments after Adam’s last call. Then, she backs her van up the driveway while blasting metal mariachi music. She skids to a stop. Green Buck kicks open the back doors to her van and jumps out.

Bikers start pouring out of the front house to see what is going on. Green Buck wades into them, shooting lightning out of his hand like a gun. The metal mariachi music and fear rote that Naia created works their way upon the bikers. Green Buck makes his way into the house.

Naia slips out of the van. She grabs the stuff that Adam left behind. She quickly gets up to the place where the guards were taken out mid-way up the road. Then, she starts sneaking the rest of the way up the road.

Adam sneaks around to the back of the bunkhouse. He sees two guys leave the bunkhouse and head into the main house. Adam leaves the bunkhouse to circle around the front side of the main house. He meets up with Naia and updates her on what the situation is.

Adam slips towards the back of the main house. He hides behind an old water tank watching the bunkhouse. He sees a lizard guy exiting the building carrying a shotgun. After a few feet, a second guy comes out with a rifle. Adam shoots the first guy with a Spirit arrow. He manages to hits him. Combat starts.

Naia throws something on fire and with some Mind magic to try to grab their attention. The Rifle guy shoots at Adam, but he dodges. Lizard man takes cover near the storm cellar doors. Adam shoots the Rifle guy and clips him in the left hip.

Naia moves to cover. The Rifle guy runs back to the bunkhouse. Adam gets a shot off on the Rifle guy and he is down. The Lizard man takes a pot shot at Adam and Adam returns fire wildly. Neither hit.

Naia casts a spell to make Adam less noticeable. Adam runs towards Lizard guy, slides across the cellar doors and tries slashing at the Lizard. Crap! He’s fumbled Malice when trying to swipe at him. Lizard guy and someone in the house took shots at Adam, but both missed.

Close quarter combat with Adam and Lizard man. Adam is rolling around on the ground not making any progress on the Lizard guy. Naia takes a shot towards the main building. She hit something.

Someone/thing comes out the back door. Adam throws the Lizard towards the newcomer. Lizard guy hits his head on the doors on the way by and passes out. He kind of tangles up Newcomer but he/it moves in a way that is not human and manages to mostly not get tangled up in the throw.

Naia slips around the corner. She shoots at Newcomer but misses. Newcomer charges towards Adam. Adam picks up Malice and dodges Newcomer.

Naia goes into hiding. She hears a woman from within the house.

Adam and Newcomer face off. Adam swings a couple of times. He scores two strikes but only manages to make damage on the first strike though.

Others in the house calling out to each other looking for Naia. They cannot find her for the most part. Mrs. Olsen can be heard coordinating the group to search for Naia.

Adam and Newcomer continue fighting. Adam manages to make a couple more strikes at the Newcomer and takes him down.

Naia throws on her pie tin and shares her Correspondence sense via Mind with Green Buck. She is pointing out where they are located.

Adam searches the people outside for the keys to the padlock on the cellar doors. Keys not found. Adam preps himself for a ritual.

Green Buck gets to the house. He has already taken a lot of damage. He leaps up to the second floor and kicks through the window. He manages to mangle the guy but gets hit with a shotgun blast and is taken out. Goodbye Green Buck.

Kristen Olsen is doing something upstairs. She is using Spirit and changing along the way. Naia takes up position to get line of sight on the back door to take anyone out coming out that way. Naia activates a Correspondence ritual for aiming.

Adam activates a soaking ritual. At the same moment, Hulk biker comes crashing through the wall and bites Adam. Adam kinda dodges but is still bitten. Adam is poisoned and takes some damage.

Naia shoots at Hulk. It takes some damage. Adam attacks it again. He manages to lay in a lethal blow.

Out the back door bursts a giant snake that is deformed and diseased. Naia slips inside the house. Adam grabs the shotgun from the ground that the Lizard guy had. He shoots at the Snake and misses when it dodges.

Naia takes a pot shot from inside the house. It bounces off the Snake. Adam racks the gun and takes another shot. Nope. The Snake dodges.

Naia gets upstairs and grabs a shotgun. The Snake bites Adam and gets a bite in his leg. Ouch. Naia shoots at the Snake through the window. One of the tumors on the side of its head pops.

Adam reloads again and makes a point blank shot with the shotgun using his Willpower. He manages a really good shot and blows half of the Snake away. It makes another attempt at Adam, but misses thankfully since Adam is unable to dodge. The Snake expires.

Naia checks out the hidden room upstairs. No Nem or Trina. She finds a turtle object that is hiding this room in a separate Umbra space.

Adam patches himself up as best as he can while waiting for Naia. He starts losing sensation with the left hand side of the body. Though it starts coming back after like 20 minutes.

They reload their equipment and open the cellar door. Adam stashes his magick bag and bow/arrows near the cellar door. They flip on a light and start heading down the stairs.

Naia checks out the cellar doors. She finds tiny tacks nailed into the door frame with runes etched on their heads.

Adam takes the lead. He feels the sensation of crossing over into the Spirit plane. It becomes very quiet once he crosses. It is dark, dank and damp. There is a slight glow to the air. He can barely see though. Adam activates Forces sight.

Nem and Trina hear a sound in the distance. They are not sure what they can hear though. Porkchop seems to be sleeping. Nem sets up a ritual to get himself some forewarning if something comes up. Nem takes some uppers for the ritual. He also shares his LSD with Trina.

Trina starts ramping up her senses to detect what is going on in this area. She detects a serpent spirit in one direction and Adam/Naia in the other.

Nem tries to bait Porkchop while Adam and Naia start making their way into the area. Adam runs a combat ritual. Adam and Naia get the drop on Porkchop with Nem’s assistance.

Adam shoots Porkchop in the back and takes a good chunk out of him. He slithers around and heads down the tunnel. Nem jumps on Porkchop’s tail and grapples him. Porkchop ignores Nem and keeps going.

Porkchop tries to attack Adam, but Adam manages to dodge it. Adam tosses the shotgun to Nem. He stabs Porkchop and only slightly damages him. Naia slips on by and hands Trina her phone. Trina tries to lower the temperature but is unable to do so.

Nem grabs the shotgun and blasts away at Porkchop. He manages to blast Porkchop away cutting him in half. He is dead. He does not change back to a human after he dies. Nem hugs Adam. Adam asks how everyone is doing. Everyone seems to be okay.

Trina mentions there is a corrupted serpent spirit thingy further along the tunnel. It seems to recognize that they are there but does not seem to care one way or another.

Nem asks to see if they should speak with the serpent spirit. Naia wants to split. Adam is pretty beat up and agrees with Naia. He points out that police will probably arrive at some point. It may be best to close the portal when the group leaves. Naia suggests talking with it outside of its home. Naia does point out that the area is turning into a Blight though.

Naia suggests asking Jocelyn to clear the place. They decide to leave and close the portal behind them. They head back out the cellar doors, but do not leave the Middle Umbra. Shit. They are on some sort of rock spire. They can see other rock spires in the distance, but only the door leading back on this spire.

Game Session 21

Nem and Katrina are working on a Correspondence ritual together. In the middle of it, they hear motorcycles approaching. Nem snaps out of it and rushes to window. There are a bunch of Diamondbacks coming to get them.

Naia heads to her van and finds a “help” note on her dashboard written in stones. Naia tries calling Nem. The phone just rings. Naia calls Adam. He confirms that he has not received any signs of stones on his car. When she gets to Nem’s place, she finds that there are a bunch of police vehicles. There are signs of a fracas there. Also, maybe some gun play. The fences have been flattened.

Naia calls Adam again. She lets him know what she sees. There are no ambulances or meat wagons. That’s a good signs. She mentions Trina was with Nem yesterday and she is not answering either. She wants Adam there.

Adam grabs his gear and let’s Lady V know what is going on. She brings him a Chinese coin on a black satin strand. She wraps it around Adam’s wrist and tells him to keep it on him. She says it will help her track him if needed.

Naia goes chatting with Nem’s neighbors. She speaks with Lilith a neighbor of Nem’s. She says that there were a bunch of motorcycles and other vehicles. She called the cops. She said that it happened rather quickly. She has not seen any bodies or wounded. Naia sits and chats with her while waiting on Adam.

Adam tries calling Nem and Trina. Adam then calls Caterwaul. No answer. He leaves her a message. Adam arrives. He spots Naia and they meet up.

Adam approaches the police officers. He speaks with Officer Ortega. Gave Adam’s first name and the Lounge as the phone number. No real additional information to get other than what has already been observed.

Naia checked on King BBQ. He’s okay.

They head back to the pawnshop to discuss. They agree that it looks like the Diamondbacks have grabbed Nem and Trina. It looks like they may have to perform a rescue.

They discuss what they remember of Nem’s previous scan of the Diamondback headquarters. There is a main house that has three buildings; shed, back house and a barn. The main house has a couple of spaces that Correspondence could not view for some reason; an upper bedroom and the entire basement.

They look over the guns at the pawnshop. They are going to bring a backup piece for Naia. Adam transfers his equipment to the Naia’s van. April tells Naia to try to not get into a firefight.

Naia wants to call Green Buck. Adam is okay with that. Naia stops at a sports store and picks up a flare gun and flares. They head to the Neon Museum.

Naia hooks something up to the sign. She establishes contact with Green Buck and starts talking with him. He is willing to help in consideration for other favors in the future. He tells her to call him when the night comes and he will come a riding.

Adam works on the weapons. He makes an Entropy spell to help minimize weapon failure.

Adam emails Cat to find out if Trina’s phone moved. Also, he lets her know that Trina has been kidnapped. He then leaves message to Addison for a silencer.

Naia runs a ritual to find out whether Nem and Trina are held in the lower or upper house. She is unable to establish where precisely.

They get out to the farmhouse and scope out the place. There are lots of people moving around. They definitely appear on high alert. Outside, there are a lot of bikes, a station wagon and a van. The front house is about half a mile off the county road.

Naia spends time working on a ritual. It is a sort of fear bomb.

Adam wants to hit the upper house before alerting the lower house. He leaves Naia to create a diversion downstairs. Naia is good with this plan.

Adam grabs his stuff for the battle ahead. Naia prepares her equipment.

Night falls. Adam sneaks up to the van. He quietly breaks a side window and climbs in. He disables the dome light. Then, he slips into the back of the van. He find Nem and Trina’s stuff in a milk crate. He grabs Trina’s phone, Nem’s phone and Nem’s magick stuff. He decides to leave the rest for Naia to pick up. He throws the rest in a bag and leaves it at a tree near the van.

Adam sneaks up the road. About half way up it, he finds a giant log blocking the road. Adam manages to locate a couple of stealthy guards. Using a bow and arrow, he kills one across the road. The other guard heard something and moves across the road to check it out. Adam shoots him through the chest and rushes up. He confirms that it does not look like the second guard was able to make a call. Adam retrieves one arrow and calls Naia to give her a sit rep.

Naia starts working on summoning Green Buck. Green Buck appears. Also, she bumps up her Wits with some Mind. She cleans up the work space while waiting.

Adam grabs his bow and sneaks up to the upper area. He only see a single person on the patio. There are a couple of vehicles and lights on in the building.

Adam makes his way around the building. He sees some people in the bunkhouse and one person in the barn. Moving around the house, Adam shoots an arrow at the person working in the barn and takes them down. Then, he slips around and gets into the barn through a back door. He confirms the biker is dead. Adam calls Naia and tells her to give him a 10 count before she starts making noise downstairs. Adam moves into position to take out the people in the bunkhouse.

Game Session 20
Gnome pun intended

Everyone had some solo stuff since the last game session.

Nem trained Katrina on Correspondence 1. She goes over to his place for training. He sends her home as soon as she gets there. When she gets home, he shares his Corr sense with her. Trina finds out that Nem is not a great teacher. However, he manages to teach her without pissing her off.

He shows her the diorama of the cistern he created. He walked her though how he is planning on doing the Corr effect for it. Trina is totally into it. She loves building things.

Naia is doing some sort of concert thing towards the end of November.

When the group meets back up, Naia is looking for an Umbrood to find an earth elemental to clean out the well. She suggests offering Tass to help take out the mud.

Everyone joins Naia to do this. They head over to the Orleans. It is a week night. They run into some creatures that are night folk, but not approachable. Two of them are employees.

Wandering around they see an interesting person in the poker room. He is very tall and lean. Androgenous looking. It’s left hand is prosthetic made out of brass, crome, levers and gears. Very cool looking. From what they can tell, it is definitely not umbrood, but also not human. Very odd. Naia notices that it has had a metaphysical removal of the aura’s hand.


The next day, Naia calls the phone number on the business card they got. She reaches an answering service for Lou Lackland. She leaves a message stating it was about an earth moving job, 40-60 tons, underground with possible chemical contamination. She left her phone number.

About forty minutes later, she gets a call. Naia answers. He thinks he has some people that can help.

Lou sounds like a fixer. He knows that Naia and friends are Mages though he does not actually use the term “mage”. He is concerned that his clients may be a bit hesitant dealing with people like them due to binding and stuff.

He asks for details. How deep is it located? Do they have maps of the area? She lets him know that they are willing to part with some of the Tass there. She suggests four pieces of Tass. He thinks that may be reasonable but may involve some further payment. He will check around and call her back.

Naia tries to ask around about Lou. She does not find out a lot about him. He’s a bit of a poker pro. He has been around for a while. He hangs out at various poker rooms. He plays at higher quality rooms and teaches at lower ones.

A couple of days later, Naia gets a call from Lou. He has a contact for her. They will meet her at Pat’s Cafe on the corner of Boulder City Boulevard. He will be there with one of his tribe.

The diner used to be a Denny’s and has been replaced by something that is very Denny’s like. Naia and Trina go together. They take a map and samples of the muck creature.

Maka Tachatakup is the name of the contact. He is a weird looking dude in the corner booth. He’s about 5’4" tall. He is sitting with guy that looks a lot like him. They both have almost brown skin but some reddish to it. Both are very weathered in their appearance. Their skin is wrinkled and almost gnarly. The older one has thick gray hair and other is black. Both of their hair have been done in braids. Naia thinks these guys may be gnomes. It seems kind of strange with the Native American heritage, but she is pretty sure they are gnomes.

He invites them to sit down with him. The old man has a deep voice. He does not introduce the other person. He asks Naia to go over the details of the job again. Naia explains that they cleaned out the bad things and there is a lot of mud left over. Trina pulls out her phone and pulls up pictures. The second guy seems interested in what she is doing with her phone.

Maka takes the sample from Naia. He looks it over, smells it and tastes it. He says that he thinks it should be doable. He talks it over with his friend in a language that Naia and Trina do not know.

He says that in order to do the job they have to put a permanent door in place. It is non-negotiable. They can lock it on the well’s side, but it cannot be removed. Also, there can be no aggressive forces on either side of the Gauntlet while doing their work.

Trina asks them where the door leads. He says to many places. But, they will keep the door closed on their side. Naia asks about the Cabal possibly being able to use the door. He said it would cost more.

Price negotiation occurs. They agree to one Tass per month for the next 12 months. Naia checks them out and thinks they are probably not trying to cheat them. Naia agrees to the deal.

He pulls out a bag of dirt and puts a small amount on the table. He starts rubbing a bit between his palms and looking at her. She duplicates his actions. They touch hands and a small spirit effect happens.

The construction starts after 12/21. It takes about 10-12 days total. It will take 6-8 days to dig the tunnel. Then, a couple more to build the door. Once it is built, it will take a couple of days to move the mud out.

Naia hunts down Mank and pays him the other half that we owed him for leading us to the well. Also, she finds out from him about his agreement with the utility workers. She makes a contact out of Mank.

Game Session 19
The Ring

11/22/16 – Tuesday

Adam meets with Addison that night. She offered for Adam to help her with an upcoming job instead of paying the $1200 for the explosives. Adam accepts the job.

Adam texts Trina afterwards. She will meet Adam in the morning.

Nem starts thinking up a ritual to guard against people approaching the well. He plans on setting up an alarm on each of the tunnels. He heads home to work on his ritual. After several hours work, he creates a map of the tunnels in 3D space in his home.

Naia speaks with April about the creatures. She draws a picture of them. April goes downstairs to look them up. She returns and tells Naia that they are called “Freak Feet”. She thinks they are created creatures that lay eggs in humans. The humans are then taken over by the eggs.

April warns her that there may be other things on the other side of the Guantlet. Naia did not notice anything while she was down there, but she will look more closely the next time she is there.

11/23/16 – Wed

Trina texts Adam in the morning. Adam gets an address and heads over to meet her.

Nem calls Trina. She tells him that Adam is on the way over and will be working on the C4 shortly. Nem calls Naia, but she does not answer. He heads over to the pawn shop.

Adam looks over Trina’s space as this is the first time he has seen it. She offers coffee and he accepts. She makes coffee and he brings out the C4 he got from Addison. He relays to her what Addison told him about handling the C4. She gets online and starts researching more about C4.

After about 20 minutes of research and work on her phone, she manages to get it hooked up to her phone system. She starts getting a lot of ideas about how to effectively use the C4. She is fairly certain that she will be very successful with containing the explosion.

At the pawn shop, Nem sees a young guy with ginger hair is manning the front desk. He is arguing with someone that brought in a guitar. He comes over to Nem. His name is Claude. When Nem tells him that he is there for Naia, Claude pulls out a phone and compares a picture of Nem to the phone. He tells Nem that April said some people can just go on through. Nem is “on the list”. He lets Nem on through.

Nem hangs out in the kitchen for a bit, but gets bored. He starts heading down the hall. It seems different than before. He activates his Corr sight. He can tell there is something going on, but he cannot really tell what. When in the hallway, the hallway is curved. When in the kitchen, it is straight.

Nem wanders around. He gets part way down the hallway before he manages to resist the urge to keep going. He decides to go back to the kitchen. He studies the Corr effect to try to see how it works along the way back. He takes some DMT to help him. He sits down and starts using stuff he has in his pocket as part of a ritual to figure it out. He sees that the space has been bound and limited.

April walks in on him while he is doing this. She invites him to the living room. He asks where Naia might be. She directs him to check the van. Nem tries to clean up his mess and ends up making it worse. She goes and gets him a dustpan and broom. He cleans up and goes to find Naia.

Naia wakes up to the sound of someone knocking on her back van door. Nem tells her coffee is on. She closes the door on his face so she can change.

Nem asks if she got the pictures he sent her. She did. He explains that his security really only works for people and not creatures. Naia tells Nem about what she learned from April. He is duly freaked out by what those creature could do.

Nem gets the shotgun from his car and heads back down to the shop to make it a sawed off. April interrupts Nem. She tells him she has a shotgun to trade for his. Her shotgun will be easier to carry through the tunnels. He wants to keep his for sentimental reasons. She shows him the police issue shotgun. He gives her his old shotgun. She says, “I thought it was sentimental?” Nem replied, “Yeah, but I hated the guy.” April tells Claude to start processing the gun.

Nem and Naia head on to the well. They park at the parking garage. They find an entryway at the bottom of the parking lot. There is a fenced off section with junk behind it. After clearing the way through it, they find a municipal department door.

Nem uses Corr and slight-of-hand to pick the lock. He manages to get the lock open. Naia has to help him pry the door open since there is no handle on the outside.

They head downstairs and then down another flight of stairs. They find a work room with a power box. There are lots of switches in there, but they decide to skip it and move on to where they were located previously.

Naia sets up a place for them to hang out without the Freak Feet attacking them. They find a room and set up in there. Naia tries to think about what could be down there with the Freak Feet. She is not really able to come up with anything though.

Adam and Katrina drive out to the lot a little while later on. They find the doorway with no problems. Nem left it unlocked and they pry the doorway open. Trina looks the electricity over and turns stuff on.

They head downstairs. They locate the room where Naia and Nem are hanging out. She turns on the light there as well.

Naia tells Adam and Trina about the creatures. She also tells them that there may be something spirit related on the other side, but she was waiting on us to show up before looking herself.

Trina sets up a timer for the C4 and will be using Bluetooth to activate it as well.

Adam sneaks up to the edge of the tunnel and peers over the edge. It seems most of the Freak Feet are asleep. Only a couple are currently awake. He uses Spirit sight and sees some sort of creature in the near middle umbra. He does not know what it is precisely. It seems to be sleeping, but he cannot tell for certain. Adam is nervous and heads back to the group.

He tells them what he saw. He tells them about the guantlet bombs that he has. He thinks Naia should look the creature over before deciding on what to do.

Naia tries to put the 2 Freak Feet that are awake to sleep with Mind. They do not sleep, but they do get less active. Adam helps Naia sneak up to the edge. She looks it over with her Spirit sight and heads back to the group.

Naia says that it is big, but they could probably handle it. They make plans on how to best attack this situation. Naia hands Adam her gun that has 4 spirit bullets in it.

Adam sets up a Spirit ward circle using the circumfrence of the tunnel. Adam plans to run back to the edge after the charge and look over the edge and see what happens with the spirit being.

Adam puts a spirit bomb in the bag with the C4. Then, he seals up the C4 and drops it over the edge. Adam rushes back to the group. The Freak Feet investigate, but not before Trina sets the C4 off.

Trina’s work to contain the blast is perfect. Barely a sound is heard and the blast does not extend up the tunnel. She monitors her phone and collects data on the blast dynamics. After the explosion, she gives Adam the okay.

Adam rushes back to the edge of the tunnel. Peering over, he sees that the nest has been totally destroyed. Down below, the muck at the bottom is rippling outwards, hitting the walls and rippling back towards the center. At every ripple towards the center, the spout grows higher and higher.

Reaching near the edge of the tunnel, the muck spouts upwards from the blast wave and flings itself against the wall above the tunnel where Adam is looking. The spirit has embodied itself and stuck to the wall.

Adam moves back away from the edge of the tunnel. The muck monster starts climbing down into the tunnel. Adam fires on the “creature” while backing away. He makes the shot and blows out a fair bit of mud from the creature.

Adam steps past his ward and activates it. The creature passes through the ward with no problem and attacks. Surprised, Adam barely dodges. Now, the creature is between him and the rest of the group. He lines up a high shot to make sure he does not shoot anything back down the tunnel. Adam takes another shot and gets its attention again.

Nem takes a shot with the shotgun and manages to get a chunk of it. Adam takes another couple of quick shots with the gun and uses the last two spirit bullets from the gun. The last shot manages to take out the creature and it crumbles to dried mud before the group.

The next couple of weeks are spent as downtime with the group. April mentions that she wants someone to get her stuff from Mercury. Nem suggests using the scavengers to pick it up for her. Nem calls the female scavenger. He arranges her to call him if/when the security forces light up out there.

Lady V holds her annual gaming event at the Lounge. Adam is there to help provide security. The event lasts for six days and five nights.

During that time period, the Strange also reports that the Bonemaker activity seems to have been reduced. There have been fewer bones found in his normal hunting ground.

Game Session 18

Over the last couple of days, Nem has been researching the people that have been staking out the Lounge. He starts with doing some license plate searches.

He finds out fairly quickly that the truck is currently registered with someone that is related to the Diamondbacks, but not directly. It seems like a step-brother of someone that is part of the Diamondbacks.

He let’s Adam know this. Then, he digs a bit deeper to confirm that they are definitely Diamondback related. He spends some time tracking them to see what is going on with them. They head to Mountain Springs. They drop off their truck. Someone takes a 4 wheeler up to the compound.

He “bookmarks” the time the truck leaves the Lounge and where they depart with the 4 wheeler.

Nem calls and lets Adam know about where they are dropped off. He is going to come over at some point and bring what he has found.

11/19/16 – Sat
Trina texts Naia to invite her to Kim’s parent’s place for Thanksgiving. Naia accepts the invite.

Lady V is organizing some sort of gambling event will be happening soon. She has been spending her time arranging security detail, catering and the like.

Adam speaks with Lady V. He tells her about the meeting with Addison. He also mentions the Cradled while showing her the dart. He gives it to her to examine. She says it is a bad thing.

She recommends going to the Chantry to research. She thinks Roberto may be interested. She said to contact Harmonius Chin. He may help Adam. She gives Adam a business card with his contact info. She will call ahead and let him know that Adam will be calling him.

She also asks Adam to reach out to Addison. Let her know that the Lounge is safe haven if she needs it.

She asks about the people watching the Lounge. He tells her that it is definitely the bikers. He mentioned that the Nem spoke with the Technocracy and they may do something, but he is not really holding his breath. They will probably need to do something personally. She agrees, but warns that they may be more prepared and better armed this time. Finding the Lounge is a difficult thing and they may have more supernatural aide than before. She is leaving the planning to handle this with Adam and she will help fight if needed.

Also, before he has a chance to leave, she tells Adam to fix a bunch of machines for the upcoming gambling event. She tells him not to drop everything to get this done, but it needs to be done in the next couple of weeks.

That same day, Trina is working on the usual.

Elsewhere, April teaches Naia how to create Spirit bullets. She gives Naia some Quintessence to make some bullets. Naia makes 4 bullets for her own gun with her first attempt.

11/20/16 – Sun
Iron Paul Harris has a seminar in the Las Vegas area. Adam invites Nem to join him. Nem actually agrees to go.

Nem smuggles in drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. It is being held at a small convention center at the Tropicana. It is held in a smaller hall there. The first couple of hours is mostly self-help and mind tricks taught by Iron Paul. It is obvious to Adam and Nem that they are not the target audience for these teachings. Some people in the audience seem totally stunned by what is taught though.

There is a core group of people that obviously come to every single event he has. Harris does not pay more attention to them than anyone else though.

After this time of discussion, they move into a form of yoga that is taught by a bro (“Bro-ga”). He does not talk about the spiritual aspect of yoga. The emphasis is just on the physical aspects.

During this part, Adam is doing okay. Nem feels like he is dying. Adam finds he is learning things that may help build his stamina or athletics. He also sees where he could use these teachings to help with Life rituals. Also, the training he has been doing with Hallman definitely applies here. He sees the possibility of using these teachings for Mind related stuff as well, but he does not have enough of a grasp to do this.

Nem is taking it slow. He ends up taking a lot of breaks and often goes to smoke in the restroom. He picks up that he lost a lot of body control over time. Things that he used to be able to do with no problems during his performing days are really difficult now. Towards the end of the training, he gets serious about participating.

During the lunch break, Harris comes over and shakes Adam and Nem’s hands. He asks Adam how he is enjoying it. Adam tells him he is having a good time. Paul tells Nem that he is surprised to see him here. Nem said that he is glad he decided to come.

After lunch, there is a bit more strenuous work out. It is followed by a cool down period and then by guided meditation. Altogether, the program runs for 7-8 hours including lunch.

That same day, Naia contacts Simon. She is looking for a free Node to help complete Nem’s jacket. She is hoping to find one outside of the city to relate more for Jackrabbit.

She calls him and goes by his house to pet all the cats. He’s happy to see Naia. It is obvious that he has not been up for very long. He is drinking coffee and offers her some.

She tells him that she has been building some armor to protect people. She mentions the Gummy Bears and Edith while trying to explain why she is making this armor. He gets very interested in what she tells him about the recent events. He asks her a lot of questions about Mercury. He also asks a bit about Edith but keeps coming back to Mercury.

At one point, he asks if he can record their talk. She is a bit nervous about this. She asks who will be hearing this recording. Simon hesitates about telling her. He says that he is here observing for and reporting to a group named Seidmennir. She agrees to let him record the remainder of the conversation.

She explains that she is looking for a Node. He says that one of the things Seidmennir do is track ley lines. He gets some maps out. He points out a number of Nodes to her. She memorizes them. He points out the Chantry Node where like 4 lines cross.

He shows her that north of Mercury, there are 6 lines that come close to each other in the NNSS. He says a lot of energy is being used out there. Naia points out that the Technocracy are the ones using all that energy.

He points out a different place where a green line and a yellow line overlap. It looks like it may be underground. He gets out a small mason jar with metal filing in it. He shakes some out on the map and starts to chant while drumming the side of the table. The filings separate and spread around. A clump builds up over that Node. Simon says he thinks this Node may be corrupted.

Naia asks Simon if he knows what is corrupting it. Simon goes outside and digs his toes into earth. He puts his hand on a tree and mutters under his breath. He then spends about 15 minutes concentrating. He tells Naia that Mojave says something is living there that is bad. Mojave would be happy if Naia cleaned the area up.

Naia gives Simon her earring that is tied to Mercury. She explains how it works.

She mentions that the stuff is moving along Mercury. He points out that there is a ley line in the area and that explains why she sees the movement.

Simon gives her food before she leaves.

11/21/16 – Mon
3am – Trina and Naia were awoken at the same time by the barking of a dog. When they wake up, they still hear it barking.

Naia texts everyone to let them know that the Bonemaker is at the West Prep high school.

Adam is up and out the door within minutes.

Trina speaks with Kim and finds out that she is also hearing the dog barking. She picks up Kim and takes her to the school.

Naia heads straight to the school.

Nem is on his way, but Naia told him to pick up dog biscuits along the way which he does.

Adam gets to the school first since he was closest. He activates his Spirit sight and sees the spirit of the school. It is pacing around but keeps looking in the same direction. It is no longer barking, but lets out an occasional wuff.

Adam drives around to behind the cafeteria where the dog seems to be watching. There is nothing immediately visible to Adam. All he sees is a bunch of dumpsters and nothing in the spirit realm.

Adam pulls out a flashlight and starts shining around the area. He still does not see anything out of the ordinary.

Naia arrives. She asks Adam if he spoke with Westy. Then, she realizes that asking if Adam talked first is a silly question and she goes talks to Westy.

Westy tells her that “bitey worms” appeared. It takes a few moments to communicate that he barked at a lot of these “worms”. He tries to explain to her what he saw, but he is having a hard time communicating it. He gets Naia to go inside the cafeteria and shows her the fire hose. She does not get it. Westy goes back outside and sniffs around the dumpsters.

Adam starts moving some of the dumpsters to see if he can see anything behind or under them.

At that time, Trina/Kim shows up with Nem a minute or so behind them.

Naia starts scanning the area. She finds a spot on the wall above the dumpsters about 3 1/2 feet in diameter where it may have came through. She wonders if maybe there were multiple manifestations.

Nem will scry into the past to see what happened. Adam sets up a circle for Nem to look at the area. Kim shares some of her LSD with Trina and Nem.

Nem backtracks. He sees a bunch of calamari-like appendages come out of the wall. They come out of the wall like bursting blisters. They writhe around like they are blind. Nem sees they grab a handful of cats, rats, a skunk and dead birds. They then drags it all back into the Gauntlet. Nem realizes that this was all visible in the mundane world.

Nem describes what precisely he saw. Trina scryes backwards as well. She sees it comes from a Spirit realm, but not a place she recognizes. She does notice that Westy seemed to be growling just before the tentacles appeared. When she questions Westy about it, he tells her that there he knew something bad was there. He thinks of it as some sort of scent or sound, but that is not right. He is not able to communicate clearly how he knew. He just knew it. Trina also notes that the tentacles took animals, but left behind the processed food that was in the dumpster.

Nem scans for physical evidence left behind. He cannot find anything but Trina manages to find some where one of the tentacles reached inside a dumpster. Nem scrapes off a sample of the material left behind.

Everybody heads home to get what sleep they can.

11/23/16 – Tues
Adam meets with Hallman. Adam has been meeting with him every few days or so. Art has been giving him mental tests along with the body awareness training and meditation. He has been asking Adam to do things like memorize the color and placement of rocks as he walks through the garden paths then quizzing him on it. He has Adam move his pain and discomfort to a different part of his mind so it is processed and not ignored but not affecting him. He shows Adam how to dedicate a part of his mind to processing information like running through a sequence of numbers or performing calculations and letting it run on its own only to check in on its progress later on. He effectively trains Adam on what is needed to unlock the Mind sphere in a way that works within Adam’s paradigm.

Later that day, Adam preps for the underground trip. Along with his normal stuff, he brings tools to lift manhole covers, ropes, spelunking gear, bolt cutters, etc. He also realizes that there is a tool needed to unlock manhole covers. He looks over a manhole cover and figures out how it is opened. Then, he goes back to his shop and fabricates a tool to open them.

Naia scopes the above ground area of where the Node is located. It is a parking garage for a casino. So, there is no obvious means of accessing below ground at that point.

Naia wanders around interviewing street people to find someone that knows the tunnels well. She manages to find someone named Mank. He is somewhere between 30-60, missing a bunch of teeth and possibly a former addict. She notices that he is missing fingers on his left hand and asks him about it. He said it was from frostbite.

He asks Naia to buy some food for him. After she does so, he asks if she is a reporter or writer. She tells him she may write some books in the future. She points out where the Node is located on a map. He seems surprised that she wants to go to a place that is not normally lived in. He tells her he can scout out the area ahead of traveling there. She warns that he should stay away from the area.

He asks her for $100 a head to take her and her friends down there. She offers $200 per person. He agrees. They will meet tomorrow morning at a location a couple of miles away from the Node. He tells her to bring food, water, and non-claustrophobic people.

11/24/16 – Wed
Everyone meets with Mank out at a wash at 6:30am. They spend several hours walking. Mank points out a number of signs painted on the tunnels. The signposts show them roughly where they are in relation to above ground streets.

A while in, Mank has to jimmy a door. They continue on for a while further. They pass through areas that obviously have traffic passing through them.

After a couple of hours, they stop seeing signs of habitation. The area starts looking more industrial. They also see signs of flooding definitely occurring in this area.

The group manages to sneak around some workers. Mank seems to know one of the workers and there seems to be some sort of agreement between the workers and below ground dwellers. The group starts moving downwards shortly after this point.

Around 2pm, they get close to the point where they are looking. Mank says he is feeling a bit uncomfortable and cautions people to be safe. Something about the place is unnerving him.

The group pauses to start activating their various senses. Adam activates Life and Spirit. Adam can tell that there is a lot of life up ahead. He tells the group that there are a lot of things up ahead. He is not sure what precisely.

Mank tells them that there is a cistern up ahead. They suggest that Mank head back up the tunnel a ways so they can proceed on their own. Mank agrees and heads back. He is apparently weirded out by the sudden rituals that everyone seems to be performing. It is only later when they go to pay Mank the rest of what they owe him that they realize he left them entirely at this point.

The group stops and scans ahead in more details. Adam can see that they are short creatures. Full size bodies and arms, but practically no legs and their feet seem attached to their pelvis. They move around on their arms. There appear to be roughly 12-15 of these creatures including some non-adults. They can probably see in the dark.

They are probably a hive group rather than individuals. About as intelligent as lower primates. They are smarter than dogs but not by much. There does seem to be a larger one that appears to be some sort of queen position. It also has some sort of stinger near its genitalia.

Naia suggest blocking off the lower tunnel and fire down on them from above as a plan of action. They realize that they will most likely not be able to block all their avenues of escape.

Naia is fine with that. She wants to get them out of there right now. Adam is not okay with it. He feels strongly that they need to eliminate all of these creatures. If some manage to escape, they may attack the homeless people in order to feed. This conversation carries on for several more minutes before Naia finally relents to give it a day to see if Adam can put his hands on a concussion grenade. Dropping that in the midst of the creatures should basically take them all out in a single strike.

Nem uses Correspondence and scopes out another avenue to get to this area that will only take like a half hour to get here. The group heads out the route that Nem found. The group gets back to their cars and head home.

When she gets back home, Naia researches conspiracy trivia looking for signs of these creatures. She finds some rumors but not sure which are legends and what is based on these creatures. A paper from a year or so ago wrote about the underground people. It mentioned that often the old or sick people would disappear and skeletal remains are found at a later time. This lead to a rumor of possible cannibalism, but the dentition found on the remains did not match human teeth.

Nem and Trina work together to map out the ecology of these creatures. They figure out which tunnels these creatures may move around and their day/night activity cycles.

Adam calls Addison and leaves her a message. While waiting for her, he starts designing some gear to help clear out the cistern. He thinks of things like wenches to help hauling things up and out.

Addison gets in touch with Adam around 1am. Adam tells her he wants to get his hands on boom stuff. She comes over to meet him at the Lounge. He explains what he is planning on doing. She gives him some C4. She explains how to use it. She thinks dropping it in the cistern will be as effective or more so than a concussion grenade. She warns him to make sure he is far away when it goes off and preferably a door between him and the explosion.

Before she leaves, Adam relays Lady V’s offer to use the Lounge as a safe haven to get out from the Blood Ghosts. She is really touched by this offer. Adam actually realizes that she is touched by this offer. He gets embarrassed by realizing this and does not know how to react to it. She is embarrassed to realize she gave away the fact that she was touched by the offer. They go their separate ways in embarrassed silence.

Addison later sends Adam an invoice for $1,200 for the C4 and the detonator.

Game Session 17
Good dog.

11/17/16 – Thur

The Strange published several pictures from where Ceasar died. They seem to have tracked down its location based off the photo Adam sent over to them.

Naia spent her morning working on her jacket for Nem.

Trina works on her wearables project. Kim is hanging out with Trina later in the day to test the wearables.

Adam goes to work out with AnnMarie. Of course, he has to bring the kitten along. AnnMarie loves the kitten. However, she manages to scare the crap out of the kitten by growling at it and gets it to behave.

During the latter part of the day, Naia contacts Trina. Trina misses the call because she was working with Kim, but calls Naia back a short while later.

Naia has had the thought of finding a spirit of some place that has a security system. She hopes that will allow it to have “eyes” looking in a lot of directions to keep an eye out for the Bonemaker. She invites Trina to join her. When Trina explains to Kim what they are going to do, Kim says that she’s interested in going as well.

Kim and Katrina meet Naia at the West Preparatory Academy. It has several buildings and an outdoor cafeteria. They get there in the early evening, hoping most school activities have ended for the day.

Driving through the area, they noticed several cable/DSL installation vans. It seems like more vans than what they would have expected to see in the area at the same time. When they check out the technicians, it seems they are taking some sort of readings of the air.

Naia checks them over with Spirit and Prime. Naia does not sense anything from them. Trina checks the out as well. She cannot pick up anything either. They know something weird is going on, but they are just not sure what it is precisely.

When they get to the school, they notice there is some activity there. It seems like maybe setting up for some sort of a dance or something. They notice that there are cameras pointing out at the streets, parking lots and the athletic field.

While getting high, they brainstorm on how to get the spirit of the high school to work with them. They think to maybe check out the Administration office first. That’s where they head and find an open door that lets them get into the school. No one stops and questions them. Mostly, they are ignored as they appear age appropriate and do not really stand out. They wander around and find the office. It is currently closed.

Trina tries to pick the lock on the door. She is not successful, but thankfully does not break the lock. They decide to head to the auditorium instead.

Trina suggests that speaking to the spirit as a sports metaphor. Maybe pitching that the Bonemaker is an opposing team.

They get the idea that perhaps one of them doing cheerleader routines while engaging a spirit ritual may call out to the school’s spirit. Kim starts limbering up. She is going to do something vaguely school spirit like. She pulls off a single back hand spring and stops. She says she may hurt herself if she tries that again.

Kim finds the AV panel and starts messing around with it. Trina works the lights and Kim takes the spotlight acting like a cheerleader.

Naia starts calling out to the school’s spirit. She gets its attention. This is a significant spirit. The spirit appears in the form of a dog with pale silver eyes. It wakes and wuffs. Naia tells it good dog. It’s happy to hear that.

Trina takes over the conversation. She asks if it watches over the school. Yes. Trina says there is another spirit trying to take over its territory. It says it will bite it. Trina suggests that before biting it, to let them know first. It agrees. It will bark then bite. It is not sure what it is looking out for though. Naia suggests it keep an eye out for an orange creature. It says it will guard. They are not sure if they conveyed that he needs to contact them if he finds it but they know it will keep a lookout. They will come back and check in on it later.

They stop by the Soul Food Restaurant and pick up some ribs. Then, they chat briefly and head home.

11/18/16 – Fri
At 8:45am, Adam gets a text from an unrecognized number claiming to be from Addison. They are asking to meet with Adam. He responds to meet at the Lounge in the parking lot.

A short while later, he meets her in the parking lot. She steps out in view and slips back behind an RV. Adam follows her around.

She is tired and bruised. She looks worried. She asks Adam to slip her inside subtly. They go through the back and downstairs to his work space.

She says her new employers seem to be losing the war. There are some strange things that happened recently. She wants Adam to research something.

She shows him some pictures on her phone taken from a weird angle. They show a humanoid figure that is a bit demonic looking. It has hard ridges and spines on the knuckles, grayish maroon skin, dressed in a large poofy coat. In all, she shows him seven photos that all seem to be same creature.

She tells Adam that the Egui found an ally from the deep umbra. Some creatures called “The Cradled”. She is not sure how they found or contacted these creatures. The Cradled seem to have a lot of high tech stuff. The Egui are trying to buy weapons and maybe soldiers from them.

She hands Adam a pill bottle. Inside of it is a dart, with three prongs. In the shaft, there is a liquid capsule and it has four fins on its end. She stole this dart. She says that she snatched it out of the air when no one was looking and they think it is expended ammo that has been lost after it was fired.

When they hit things, like the Vordulak, it attacks the fundamental structure underneath. From what she describes, it sounds kind of like what Adam saw Lady V did with Entropy to that biker. They basically decomposed very quickly.

She says that there is also another weapon that is a knife. She says that it has a similar effect. She has not had a chance to test the knife yet herself.

She asks Adam to research the dart. Adam mentions that he may need to seek help from others. She says he can ask others for help, but try to keep only with the people he trusts.

She says she may have to disappear. She thinks she may be in a bit over her head now. Adam offered to help make her disappear if she needs it. She thanks him for the offer and will let him know. She takes off quickly afterwards.

Adam looked a bit at the dart with senses. He sees that the dart is made out of spirit stuff. It is definitely not of this earth. He can also detect a minor Entropy effect.

Adam plans on talking with Lady V about it and then probably Naia on the way to researching further with the Chantry.

Game Session 16
Technocracy makes an offer

11/15/2016 – Tuesday

Nem attempts to scry the future before his meeting with Cantrell to see what she may ask of him. He meets resistance to his scrying and attempts to push through it. He does manage to get through but he cannot hear the conversation. Based on his body language, he can tell that he is surprised by the conversation but not afraid. From the best he can tell, the conversation was not what he was originally expecting. Nem tries to seal the breach that he made when pushing through the barrier on his way back out.

During the same day, Trina starts painting her dreams. Adam spends the day kitten proofing his work space. Naia continues to work on the protection jacket she has been making for Nem.

11/16/2016 – Wednesday

Nem calls and leaves a message for the Bear Hippie. He wants to talk with him about improving his Mind sphere.

Nem goes to the Golden Nugget and has the valet park his vehicle. His is meeting with SA Cantrell at the Vic & Anthony’s Worldclass Steakhouse in the Golden Nugget. When he attempts to enter, the maître d’ blocks him from getting a table without a reservation or being a hotel guest. Nem goes and books a room to get into the restaurant. When he gets back, he is 15 minutes late and the maître d’ says Cantrell is already there waiting for him. He is led back to meet her.

She is already seated. Nem notices that she has a medium size purse with her. They shake hands. She orders drinks and they sit. She makes small talk about his work. She has spoken with Nem’s boss, Zelda Hankie, about his work. She asks Nem about his leg injury. He tells her about the time the stage collapsed and a pipe went through the leg.

He asks about the biker game case. She said that she has not been involved in the case much. Her part of the agency is more involved with the cult part of things.

The food arrives and they eat. During the meal, she seems distracted. She pulls out a large screen phone and messes with it a bit. Then puts it away. Nem tries to turn on his Correspondence at the same time that she does this. He can see his past intrusion easily. He can also see the warding she put up. Also, he is pretty sure he just got busted. She does not give him any sign that she noticed it though.

After food, she tells him that she was called in on an unusual occurrence. She noticed that Nem was there as well. She was asked to review to security footage a couple of weeks ago. She pulls out a photo and asks him what he knew about the person in the photo (Edith). He sees a photo from across the street from the diner. She then shows him another photo of Edith lying on the ground in Mercury and taken from an apparent long way above.

Nem tells Cantrell Edith is deranged, dangerous and has something of a sweet tooth. During this bit, his Time sense collapses and has a few seconds of fugue state. He finishes his drink and orders another one. When the server comes over, Cantrell covers the photos before the waiter sees them.

Nem asks her interest in Edith. Cantrell tells Nem that this Marauder is more dangerous than the biker situation. She wants Nem’s info on Edith and promises him he would not regret helping her out. He tells her that he ran across her for the first time at the diner. Nem gives Cantrell Edith’s name.

Cantrell is concerned that Edith was near the NNSS. She asks Nem if he knows any of Edith’s strengths and weaknesses, her goals, etc. Nem does not offer up any more info, but tells her he will investigate further. She encourages him to ask his friends as well about her. He has some informal immunity for him and his friends for Edith related topics.

She asks him if there is any other information he can provide regarding her or the biker situation. Nem draws her a map of where Ms Olsen is currently located. She is disappointed by finding out they are in a compound. She is not going after them personally, but someone might go out there.

She explains to him that he and his friends are small potatoes. He expresses his gratitude for lack of interest on her part. She expresses her gratitude for his lack of ambition, which keeps the group from being on her radar.

As they wrap up the conversation, Cantrell asks Nem if he has accommodations at the hotel. He tells her that he does. She invites herself up with him to his room. They have some rather business like sex. Nem is left with the impression that she may have some small but genuine affection for Nem. She seems to have a thing for scruffy underachievers with bad attitude problems. She reminds him a bit of his ex-wife.

During this time, Katrina has been working on her wearables. She is trying to make them as small as possible. At this point, the electronics still exposed. She is attempting to make a light setup that reacts to the things the user does while wearing them.

She has set up a fairly good input method using these wearables with her phone. She is trying to create a wearable device that allows her to control lights at Kim’s show and more importantly, allow her to dance.

She invites Kim and Cat over to dance and test out the wearables.

The head of security at the Lounge, Hank, pages Adam. He wants to speak with Adam about something. Adam leaves the kitten in a large box so it cannot roam around. The kitten does not want him to leave and cries after him.

Adam heads to the security room. Hank is there with another security guard. He wants Adam to walk around with him and look at something while not actually looking like he is looking at it.

Hank points out a beat up Chevy Silverado truck down the street. He says one man was there a couple of weeks ago in a different truck. There are a couple of scruffy looking white guys with beards. He says he has been seeing guys like this over the last couple of weeks.

Adam tells him that it may be something personally involving Adam rather than something involving the Lounge. Hank seems relieved that Adam will talk with Lady V and not be the one to have to personally do it. They call up and we told to head up to speak with Lady V.

As they approach her office, an older woman is leaving Lady V’s place. She has a big ass knife that is almost the size of a machete. She seems to recognize Adam and stops to speak with him. Her name is Deagan Moore. Adam recognizes her as part of the Sand Sisters. She invites him to come out and visit at some point. Adam said he would like to do that.

Adam and Hank enter Lady V’s office. Hank is practically hiding behind Adam. Adam explains that the security team noticed a number of suspicious individuals that seem to be staking out the Lounge. They asked Adam to take a look. He tells her he thinks it may be related to the Church situation.

She dismisses Hank. She asks Adam to look into it further and if so, take care of it. He says that he will. Adam points out that she mentioned previously it should be hard for them to trace back to the Lounge. She agrees that is a bit disconcerting.

She asks about training with Hallman. Adam tells her that it is going slow. Adam can see what is wrong but still has no idea how to start to fix it. She points out to Adam that bigger problems like this often do not come with simple solutions. He should expect that it will take time to work it out.

She asks about the kitten. Adam tells her that it is not happy that he left it behind. She agrees. She tells Adam she can hear it from here. Adam cannot hear it though. She shares her Mind sense with Adam and he can hear it crying out that it is lonely over and over again. Adam hustles off to take care of the kitten.

A bit later in the day, Adam walks down the street to get a better look at the vehicle while pretending to be on an errand. He gets the make/model and license plate of the truck. He has a good idea as to the year and notes that a sticker was scraped off one of the windows. He does notice that they seemed to pay attention to him when he was walking by. He does not know if they were paying more attention to him than other people though.

That same day, April meets with Naia. She tells Naia that she wants to hire some help. They need someone to work the shop. Also, someone to learn some magic would be nice. She wants to show Naia how to make some spirit bullets. Also, Naia needs to practice at the gun range at some point. Naia not thrilled about it, but sees the wisdom based on recent events.

During the conversation, April mentions maybe a second shooter was out there helping fight off the gummy bears in Mercury. Naia told her it was Adam. He has been deemed as “pulled in to save butts guy”. April said that it is not a bad idea to have a Euthanatos as a friend.

Naia tries to call Nem. He does not answer at the time. She reaches him a bit later after his sex. She wants him to come over and talk about what happened. He said he would be there in like an hour.

Nem arrives. He locks the door behind him and puts up the closed sign.

He tells Naia that he is pretty sure Cantrell was from the Technocracy. He tells her that they are interested in Edith more than us. Naia does not want to hand Edith over to the Technocracy, but she really thinks that is more April’s call. Nem is not sure either way.

Naia offers to show Nem the jacket she has been working on. Nem points out that it kind of looks a bit like a snake. Nem really likes it though.

Nem and Naia decide to go talk to April about whether or not to give Edith over to the Technocracy. They head downstairs and knock on the door to her work space. April tells them to put on some tea while she finishes her work. She joins them a few minutes later.

Nem tells April about his lunch meeting with Cantrell. April points out that they have been on the Technocracy radar for a while. He tells her that they are looking for Edith. She tells her to tell them anything. She gives Nem details to give them.

Edith was born in England somewhere in the 50-60’s. She was an early fan of Black Sabbath. April met her in NY somewhere around the time she had been requested by the Traditions & Technocracy to leave England. They hit it off. As time wore on, Edith spent more time studying Paradox affects and results. Then, she disappeared at some point. April thinks she was in Paradox realm and only recently seemed to have return.

She asks Nem to not mention April was Edith’s student. Points out that the diner incident was rather big. She wishes the Technocracy well trying to capture Edith. God help them if they try succeed in capturing her. April leaves.

Naia and Nem discuss a bit further. Naia suggest to Nem that he mention that Edith was interested in Asshole Baneseeder.

Adam calls Nem about the suspicious characters around the Lounge. He is invited over to Naia’s place. Adam and Trina meet Nem and Naia over there. Everyone loves the kitten. Adam is asked for its name. The kitten does not have one yet. There are a number of suggestions, but nothing seems right to Adam.

Adam tells Nem about the stakeout at the Lounge. He give the info about the vehicle. Nem will look into it.

Naia and Nem tell Adam and Katrina about the meeting with Technocracy. Trina is not thrilled. They are not looking at this group, but they are looking at Edith. As long as they do not make trouble, they should remain off the Technocracy’s radar.

Naia mentions that they are going to mention the Baneseeder guy to them, but will not mention April.

Adam asks if they know about his involvement in the Mercury event. He was not mentioned, but he should assume that they know. They probably at least know someone was out there with rifle support.

They ask Adam how he ended up out there in the first place. Adam tells them about the coyote on his car named Foxy and how he was lead out there. Nem says that he has met Foxy. He says sometimes she’s a woman, sometimes a coyote. He does not have a way of getting in touch with her. He said she was welcome at his place. Nem knows her as Coyote’s daughter.

Naia mentions that they found cameras in Mercury on some of the street lights.

Nem mentions Coyote may request payment. Adam says he did not hear anything from Foxy. However, Lady V said that Coyote tends to not do things that are not to his advantage.

The group decides to leave Naia’s place and head out to the soul food restaurant. They eat on the patio as they cannot bring the kitten into the restaurant. Naia speaks with the spirit of the restaurant. It has not seen anything related to the Bonemaker.

Adam runs a ritual to try to determine where the Bonemaker may next strike. It is not really successful, but he does notice scars in the gauntlet of this area. He points them out to Naia.

While wandering around to look for another spirit guardian, Adam notices a wraith. It is of a smallish older weathered man. He is missing some teeth has grey hair and appears anywhere between 50’s to 80’s. It is hard to tell.

Adam run another ritual in an attempt to summon and speak with the wraith. He is not really successful, but the spirit seems to notice someone calling to it. It floats a bit closer. They can see the bottom half of the body is ill defined.

He speaks Spanish. Crap. Adam does not know Spanish. Trina joins the conversation as she knows Spanish.

The wraith starts questioning them. Who are you? What’s happening? What time is it? Trina tells him the date. She asks what the last thing is that it remembers. He says his legs do not work. He looks down, sees them missing and screams. They appear to have been bitten off or torn off. He falls down and holds his legs. Trina calms him down.

Ceasar Gutierrez is his name. Trina asks what we can do for him. Adam explains to her that he was taught that wraiths are stuck in the wheel. This is typically caused by the need to resolve something. He says that it is not surprising that Ceasar cannot remember anything. New wraiths often do not remember what happened to them just before they died. She says that it is most likely due to his death rather than some other emotional issue.

Nem steps to the circle and tries to scry backwards to see what happened here to Caesar. He thinks about trying to steal the Bonemaker’s power but realizes that may be a bad idea. Also, the Bonemaker is not a really well established urban myth at this point with a lot of belief behind it. He settles on Thin Man instead.

Nem scrys backwards and sees a flash of orange light. Something like a mouth that came out of nowhere. A beak with no seams. Flashes once, stretching liquid sound, a snap, a scream and another snap and over.

She asks Ceasar where he is from. He says it is a Guatemala seaside village. Katrina said that she would try to get Caesar back home. He is confused. He does not know he is dead. She tells him about the Bonemaker and asks him to keep his eye out for it. He asks if this thing kills people. Yes. Adam is nodding at him. Ceasar realizes he is dead. He tells Katrina that he is ready to move on. He fades away.

Adam realizes that the place where Ceasar died was not marked down on the Strange’s map. However, there was a spot nearby where some bones were found. This leads him to believe that the positions on the map from the Strange are only the exit points.

Katrina marks Ceasar’s death spot on the dumpster.

The group disbands for the evening. Everyone heads home.

Katrina spends the remainder of the evening looking up what people can find out about her with her license plate.

Adam emails the Strange about possible details with the death of Ceasar Gutierrez. He gets an email a short while later asking for photos or documentation. At a later time, Adam gets a photo of the dumpster spot where Ceasar died while cropping out the sign Katrina left of Ceasar’s death spot.

Game Session 15
Attack of the gummy bears

11/13/2016 – Sunday
Adam has spent the last couple of days working on casino machines and his truck. Around 9:30am, he gets a call from the security office to come upstairs. He heads upstairs. They shows him a security camera pointed into the parking lot. There is a scrawny dog sitting on the hood of his truck. Security said they already tried to get the dog to go away, but it just hid and ran back up on the truck after they left.

Adam heads out to his run. After a closer look, it appears to be a coyote. He notices that it has collar though. Adam tries to shoo it off the truck, but it just runs around on top of the truck and does not get off.

After a few minutes of this, the dog jumps off the truck and goes to the driver side door. He barks at the door, looks at Adam and looks back to the door. Adam opens the door and the coyote jumps in and settles down in the passenger side of the truck. He looks at the gun rack, barks at it, looks at Adam and looks back at the rack.

Adam heads back inside and grabs his equipment and hunting rifle. When he gets back to the truck, the dog is still there and moves around to look forward after Adam drops off his rifle in the rack. Adam reaches for the dog’s collar and sees a name of “Foxy” on it. There is no owner contact information.

Foxy barks and prompts Adam to drive. After a few minutes of watching Foxy and learning his signals, Adam manages to make it out on the 91 heading north. Foxy leads Adam past Mercury and pulls off the side of the road a ways past it. He leads Adam through a trail on a steep hike up a mountain near the security site, but not into it.

After a bit, he leads Adam down a slope and then off a game trail. Adam is taken to a spot where he can see down a number of streets in Mercury. From this distance, Adam is unable to see anything going on Mercury. When he makes a move to continue on to Mercury, Foxy growls and Adam understands that he needs to stay put. Adam sets up a sniper’s nest and scans the area to see what may happen.

A few minutes later, Adam sees movement down below. Looking through is scope, he can see April, Naia, Nem, Katrina and Caterwaul down in Mercury. The group starts moving in a direction and Adam sees them meet up with Edith. Edith is saying something to April. Then, she starts talking directly with Nem.

As this is occurring, Adam spots a couple of dust plumes from approaching vehicles. In one direction, Adam sees a 3 vehicle convoy of Humvees heading towards Mercury. In another direction, he sees a single Humvee heading that way as well. Adam reaches for his phone to call Naia.

Meanwhile, Edith is asking Nem what he saw when he was last here. He tells her about the heat haze he scryed taking the dog collar from the store. This seems to provoke a response from Edith. She asks the group as a whole what they know about this heat haze and what it seems to be doing.

Naia’s phone rings. Edith tells her to go ahead and answer it. Naia backs away and answers her phone. Adam tells her that the security people are closing in on their group. He tells her 4 vehicles are heading there right now. Naia tells Adam they are going to run away and she hangs up on him.

While Naia was speaking with Adam, Edith pulled out a half-eaten pack of gummy bears. She has two in her hand, one orange and another green. She is poking them and speaking to them in a low voice.

Nem thanks Edith for saving him from Diamondback’s attack. Edith, being distracted, tells him that is no problem and continues to talk to the gummy bears. Naia returns and warns that the security people are coming.

They start to hear one of the vehicles approaching. It comes around the corner and starts barreling down the street towards them. It slides to a halt and a single security officer gets out. He tells everyone to freeze, stand still and remain calm. He has his hand on his gun, but he has not drawn it at this point.

Nem ignores the warning and dives for cover. April starts backing away from Edith and heads towards the high school. Caterwaul seems to have disappeared from site.

Two other soldiers exit the vehicle. They have rifles but are not aiming at anyone.

Trina starts to back away slowly.

Edith picks up the orange gummy bear and flicks the green one between the first soldier and his vehicle. As it arcs through the air, it grows rapidly, ending up 12 feet tall. It bounces when it hits the ground and the whole ground shakes. Several people fall over including Edith and the soldier. The bear then bounces into the vehicle and pushes it several feet back knocking over the other two soldiers.

Nem scoops up Trina and they take off at a run for the high school. Naia also bolts away. The first soldier gets up with his gun. The gummy bear behind him swats at the soldier. The gummy bear bounces into the vehicle again and rolls it over trapping one of the other two soldiers.

Edith gets up and looks around while dusting herself off. She sees the party members running away. She appears confused at first, then hurt and finally angry. She flicks the orange gummy bear towards the retreating group to try to block their exit. It grows like the first bear and grabs onto the underside of the car to prevent it from driving away.

At this point, everyone is in the car except for Caterwaul. Katrina tries driving away, but is unable to do so with the bear latched onto the car.

From his sniper’s nest, Adam takes a shot at one of the arms of the orange gummy bear to get it to release the car. He manages to hit the arm and it detaches, but does not free the car from the other arm.

Naia tries to sense Caterwaul. She can detect she’s in the area, but not sure where precisely. She tries to call Adam to ask him to find Caterwaul and give her a ride. When she is unable to reach Adam, she tries calling Caterwaul to tell her to contact Adam for a lift.

April has rolled down the window of the car. She aims at the gummy bear and fires a gun. There is no bang, but end results of a moment of hearing loss on the group like a gunshot went off. She hits the gummy bear. It starts making noise like it is hurt. The bullet starts chewing through its body. It lets go of the car

Their car takes off and starts speeding towards Edith and the soldier. Trina manages to swerve around Edith and almost hits a building. She manages to straighten out and take off down the street.

The orange gummy bear starts bouncing after the car. Nem grabs the shotgun, but April tells him not to use that. She gives him her gun and starts fiddling with her second gun.

The three other Humvees start coming down the street. They are focused on the gummy bears. Adam takes a shot at the orange gummy bear and hits it in the head. It does not do much to impede the bear.

Nem gets a shot off at the gummy bear. He blind fires using Correspondence. He hits the bear. He fires again and hits it a second time. Like with April’s earlier shot, the bullets seem to eat through the body of the gummy bear. They turn down a street and pull out of Mercury.

From his viewpoint, Adam see the soldiers fire on the bear. He helps out for a bit but tries to minimize his involvement so as to not reveal himself to the soldiers. He might have saved one of the soldiers. At this time, Adam sees Foxy down in the street with the soldiers and it started attacking the bears. Adam packs up and saw a couple of calls and text messages on his phone. After listening to his messages, he calls Caterwaul back and arranges for a spot to pick her up.

The first group is recovering in Trina’s car as they head back. Nem gives April her gun back. April is upset that she left her equipment out in Mercury. Naia is upset that she thought it was a good idea to talk to Edith. April gets Trina to slow the car down so as not to be suspicious.

Naia suggests to April that the prospectors might be able to pick up April’s equipment. April said that was a good idea. Also, maybe warn them that Edith will be camping out there.

April hopes that Edith will eat the Asshole Baneseeder.

April talks with Naia about Mercury. She says that it is not natural. She thinks it is an interesting environment though. The place seems stretched and strained. Naia asks if she thinks it was purposeful. April says maybe or possibly a side effect to something else. Who knows what the Technocracy have been doing in the desert for the last 60 years or so. April starts to drop into a sour mood.

Adam picks up Caterwaul. He offers her some water. She notices that his rifle has been fired and asks him about it. He tells her he was helping from away. She asks how he got there. He tells her about the coyote. She does not like that.

The two groups coordinate with each other about meeting afterwards. Caterwaul asked to be dropped off at her place. Adam takes her there.

Naia tries to get April out of her funk, but does not really succeed.

Everyone heads back to their separate homes and rest for the evening. Trina and Caterwaul get together and commiserate over the events of the day.

Adam gives Lady V an update as to what happened when he gets back to the Lounge. She was out when he left earlier in the day. She asks him if he looked at the coyote with his senses. No. He did not think about it. She warned him to be more careful with that in the future. Also, if he sees this coyote again, to look at it more carefully. Lastly, there may be an issue due to this. She thinks this may be the spirit of Coyote. If so, Coyote does not do things for free. So, either there will be some sort of payment for this, or something else paid the cost and this help was just happenstance. Maybe Adam has become a pawn to something else.

She asks Adam about his meeting with Hallman. Adam explains that Hallman will not train him at this time due to Adam’s lack of connection. Adam tells her that he agrees with Hallman’s assessment. Lady V is troubled by what Hallman said. She agrees with him. She does not know how to help Adam in this matter. She herself does not have much in the way of connections. She is concerned and wants to think on it.

That evening, Nem tries meditating. After a while, he gives up on it and does some shrooms. Then he wanders around outside.

11/14/16 – Monday
Naia wants to make a ring based off of one that Edith seemed to be using. She’s making it as an apology for Edith if she comes across her again.

In the morning, Adam is paged for a call. Art Hallman invites him to join him for some construction work in Green Valley. Adam goes out there to help out.

A number of the monks are working out there. Also, a lot of other volunteers and what seems to be a court order delinquent group. The setup is sort of a Habitat-for-humanity project. Hallman tells Adam to work mindfully and consistently with those around him. He wants Adam to try to be aware of his connection with everyone else working on this project, the people that will live here one day, the people that harvested the trees that make the lumber, etc. He needs to learn to feel his place in it.

Adam spends the rest of the day working mostly in silence with them. Since he does not really have a lot of construction background, he mostly chops wood, hauls lumber, carries drywall, etc. At the end of the day, Art asks Adam how the experience was for him. Adam explained that he saw the connection, but not sure how to get there. Art tells him he just has to practice. He asks if Adam will be there tomorrow. Adam tells him that assuming no commitments, sure.

Katrina spends the day working. She checks in with Caterwaul, but mostly works at home on jobs she has scheduled to complete. Cat & Kim come over to drag her out for coffee and to be friends.

Nem gets in touch with his police contact, Carlos Menzata. He wants to check out the collar. Carlos sends him some digital copies of the finger prints. Nothing came back on the fingerprint databases he has access to though.

11/15/16 – Tuesday
Adam helps out with the construction on the following day. He does not get to talk to Hallman much. They break for the day around lunch time. Hallman pulls Adam aside and gives Adam a kitten. He asks Adam to take care of the cat for the next couple of days. Adam calls Lady V to see if she’s okay with that. She says it is his problem. As long as he keeps it out of the casino floor and takes care of it, she has no problems. Art tells Adam that the kitten still has to be bottle fed and stuff like that. Adam goes to the pet store and buys all the stuff that he can think of he would need to take care of a cat. Then, he heads back to the Lounge.

Trina spends this day working on her queue of work.

Naia checks out the earring that she made to help scry on Mercury.

Later that evening, Naia and Trina go wandering around to look for the Bonemaker. Naia wants to talk to spirits and ask about the Bonemaker. While wandering around, Naia brings Trina up to date about what the Bonemaker is and what is going on with their search for it.

They head over to a soul food restaurant that has been there for a while. They go inside and order some food. Naia starts rearranging stuff at their table. Katrina watches what she is doing.

Naia starts talking with the spirit of the restaurant. There are some communication issues, but she seems to make a deal with it to watch out for the Bonemaker.

They wander around a bit more and look for some street artwork to talk to. They find one. It seems to be some sort of memorial that is being maintained. Naia tries to speak with the artwork. It is powerful but dumb. This makes it hard to communicate with it.

Trina tries to look at it with Time, but fails. Her phone crashes on her immediately. She tries again and fails again. This time, her phone will not start up on her.

Naia draws a copy of the image on the wall and leaves a throw away email address with it. She is hoping that whomever is maintaining the artwork may contact her.

Nem spends part of the day scrying upon the Diamondbacks gang to find out what they are up to. He is not successful and gets a splitting headache. He decides to go to bed. A short while later, Special Agent Cantrell calls Nem. She wants to meet with him. He says he will meet her tomorrow at 11:30. He suggests the diner of the snake attack. She says it is closed. He suggests the Golden Nugget instead. She is okay with that. Nem decides to change it to noon instead.

Game Session 13


Adam speaks with Lady V about learning additional spheres. She recommends he speaks with Addison about Time. As for the other spheres, she deliberates for a while and suggests Adam speak with Arthur Hallman. He is a retired Akashic war monk. Adam notices her hesitance and asks if there is something he should be aware of. She tells Adam that there should be no problems other than possibly old tradition history. She tells Adam to contact Nem’s former mentor. He may be able to introduce Adam to Hallman.

Adam calls Nem. He asks if Nem can introduce Adam to his former mentor Paul Harris. Nem wants to know why Adam is interested. Adam explains that he wants to get in touch with Hallman and Lady V said that Harris knows him. Nem asks Adam how he feels about personal fitness. Adam works out every day. Nem told him that he will arrange something with Harris.

Nem calls Harris and gets his answering service. Nem tells them that he is trying to arrange a private consultation. He mentions Lady V and gives Adam’s contact info. Paul calls Nem back about 20 minutes later. Nem explains the situation to him. Harris tells Nem to give Adam his phone number. He will be in the Vegas area over the next couple of days.

Nem calls and gives Adam Harris’ phone number. He warns Adam that Harris is kind of macho and may test his strength in like shaking hands and whatnot. Adam calls Harris. He tells Adam that he will be in Vegas area tomorrow and can meet him in the morning. Gives Adam directions to meet with Harris at an exercise park in the Sloan Canyon National Conservative Area the next day. Tells Adam to bring running shoes.

Elsewhere, Naia meets with her Avatar. Her Avatar apologizes for not telling Naia that Edith was there. She was scare of Edith. Edith told her not to tell Naia. She threatened to kill the Avatar if she did tell Naia.

Naia tells her Avatar that she tried to add protection to the van. Her Avatar is grateful of it. She also talks with her Avatar about making armor.

Later that day, Trina calls Naia to help her out with Spirit warding at her place. She invites Naia over.

Naia goes over to Trina’s space which is a warehouse with living space. The place has sewing machine, costume stuff, tables with computers and electronics,

Trina wants Naia to help her ward the place and learn some stuff about warding. Naia asks Trina if she tried April first. April told her to call Naia. She thought it would be good for Naia to help her learn as well.

They take off in Naia’s van as the warehouse space is not the best teaching environment for Naia. They drive over to an empty lot. Naia explains how she goes about activating her spirit site by kicking over a mound of dirt. She shares her vision of spirits with Trina. Trina is fascinated. She sees Naia’s Avatar and her own.

Naia points out the different layers of the umbra and things that exist in those layers. Trina can see the spirits of buildings back towards the Las Vegas skyline. Trina notes that the Avatars are the most solid things in the area.

Naia makes a bunch of mounds to help Trina activating her own Spirit sight. She works with Trina on activating the spirit sight.

Over the next couple of day, they work together on activating the spirit sight. Also, they work together to set up the Spirit wards in Trina’s place. They work on making wall hangings as primary focus of the spirit wards. Trina plies Naia with food over those days. She particularly loves Thai food.

Naia also wants to work with Trina on making a Spirit ward jacket for Nem. Especially since Trina does some costuming. She wants to make something like a leather jacket with fringes.

Adam meets with Paul Harris at the exercise park. Harris is already there stretching and chatting with a younger woman. There is also another woman sitting in the car doing paperwork that he is near. He comes over to Adam and as per Nem’s prediction, gives him a testing handshake. He seems to do something at the same time that may be magick, but Adam cannot tell what it is. Harris seems to approve of what he sees.

He takes Adam out for a run up the canyon. Paul is in amazing shape. Along the way, he does a lot of feats of physical strength that impress Adam. Adam gets the sense that Paul could probably run him into the ground rather easily.

When they reach the top of the canyon, Paul says that he thinks Adam is fairly good. He does not think Adam will embarrass by introducing him to Hallman. He asks Adam if he is interested in sparring right now. Adam agrees. Paul tries to kick him and the sparring starts. Paul switches through several different styles during the sparring. Adam can tell that Paul is stronger and faster than Adam. Adam cannot tell who wound win in a real fight between the two of them though.

They head back down to the car at a more leisurely pace. When they get there, Paul calls and leaves a message for Hallman. He gives Adam’s number as a call-back number.

Paul suggests Adam comes out to some of his seminars. Adam told him he will do so and thanks him.

Later that evening, Hallman calls Adam. Adam explains to him that he is a student of Lady Jhigan and she referred him to Hallman. Hallman asks if Adam is a killer. Adam tell him that he has taken lives. Hallman asks if he is a killer of men and women. Adam tells him that he has killed men, but not any women yet. Adam will not dismiss that as a possibility in the future, but he is not actively seeking it out. Hallman directs him to come to the monastery the next day. Tells Adam to bring loose clothing and nothing else. He does not promise anything though.

That same day, Nem spends time scoping out the Golden Nugget. He is still working on a way to make the Vordulok attack the bikers and/or vice-versa. He has some thoughts on how to do that.

Nem has been holed up in the motel. It has been warded and protect from people trying to track back to him. He has also told Zelda that he is taking some time off for some personal business. Nem focuses his scrying to see how the security works to handle things like fights breaking out. The place is a professional operation and handles those situations in ways much expected.

He scryes to see how to the commercial area is handled. Then, he scryes over the secure area. Lastly, he scryes the private area. He sees that a passcard is used for the first 2 areas with different levels of security. Then, the last area seems to involve some sort of Mind affect on a person monitoring a door and saying something in maybe Russian. The people that are gate keepers seem to have been pushed way too much.

After his scrying, Nem calls Adam to get the snake ring. Adam says he needs to ask Lady V first. He goes asks Lady V and she tells Adam to tell Nem to talk to her himself. Adam tells Nem to go talk to Lady V instead.

Nem calls Naia to comes out and do some Spirit warding in Nem’s backyard. Also, she can introduce Trina to King BBQ.

Nem calls the Lounge. He makes an appointment to speak with Lady V at 5pm. He grabs a couple of drinks beforehand and heads over there.

When he meets with Lady V, he explains that he wants to try to get the ring’s agents to try to attack him. He says that that diamondback has a problem with him but he has a problem with his followers. She is concerned about his approach. She suggests that he try to appease diamondback instead of fighting it. He wants to do some from a position of power.

She explains that the ring makes a channel between the wearer and the serpent. She does not think this is a good idea. She asks Nem about the followers. He explains Ms Olsen is in charge. She finds that surprising. She did not see that future for her when she dealt with them.

She pulls out a pack of cards from the Lounge. She asks him to pick a card from the deck, imagine Ms Olsen, put it back in the deck. He does so and drew a 3 of diamonds. He passes the deck back over to her.

She shuffles and cuts the deck. She has him pick the cut order. She does a sort of tarot reading with it.

At the end, she has a jack of spades and 3 of diamonds next to each other. She explains that Ms Olsen has some help. Someone brought her something. Something has given her power.

She give Nem the deck of cards. She said they may bring him luck.

He mentions that Ms Olsen seemed to know she was being watched. Lady V says it is likely the supernatural support. Nem points out that the heat haze had a similar reaction.

She gives him the ring, but recommends he does not put it on without a lot more thought. She says that he needs to look at it as two different issues and handle them separately. He may tackle them separately. Also, maybe talk with Adam and see if he can help.

Nem leaves and heads back home.

Adam heads over to meet Hallman that evening. He is at a Buddhist monastery in North Las Vegas that is not too far from the Lounge. It is a one story building with a couple of outer buildings.

Adam is taken through the main temple into the garden. He finds Hallman who is teaching someone what appears to be knot tying but Adam is not really sure.

Hallman comes over, bows and shakes Adam’s hand. He asks Adam to walk with him. They walk amongst the garden. Hallman does not say anything for quite a while and Adam matches his silence. During the walk, Adam can sense that Hallman is doing something magickal, but not sure what it is.

When Hallman speaks, he tells Adam that he lacks connection. Adam is not sure what he means by connection. Hallman clarifies that he means connection to others and the world in general. Adam agrees that he lacks connection as Hallman describes.

Hallman tells Adam that he will not teach him at this time. However, he will meet with Adam one day a week to work together on building something and teaching Adam meditation. Adam agrees to join him on this.

Adam spends the remainder of the morning working on a Pachinko machine and pondering Hallman’s words.

Later that day, everyone meets over at Nem’s place. Trina is introduced to King BBQ. He has started developing his own personality beyond just a flame spirit.

Nem offs Katrina drugs. She accepts. Drugs are happening all around except Adam is not partaking. He starts to get a bit of a contact high. He moves upwind of them.

Naia goes to get the ring from Nem’s house.

Nem shares some of his conversation with Lady V. Naia points out that the person helping Ms Olsen may be the same person as the heat haze. She wants to give him/her/it a name. After some deliberation, it is decided their name will be Asshole Baneseeder.

Nem still wants to kick the bikers in the nuts, but now he is not sure diamondback would be the best way to go through it.

Katrina tries to watch the logic spirits that appear around this conversation.

Naia points out that the ring may be something used as bait for the bikers.

Nem says that Lady V told him to talk to Adam about the bikers. Adam says that he can also go back to their encampment if needed. Nem tells Adam that they have relocated. They are now above Mountain Springs. There is a farm ranch house being run by the diamondbacks. There are dirt road leading from there to two buildings further back. Ms Olsen, Porkchop and a couple other bikers are holed up out there.

Adam asks what they are trying to achieve. He can go out there and scope the place out. Nem could do the same thing with scrying. Adam could eliminate them, but that may remove a lead to Asshole Baneseeder.

Adam asks Nem if he has gotten any results from the finger print off the collar. Nem has not followed up on that yet.

Naia asks Adam how the Bonemaker situation is going. Adam explains that he met Lillian of the Strange. He got a photo of the different bone sites and dates/locations of the dumpsites.

Naia is excited about Adam meeting the woman. She asks about her. Adam does not have much information. He thinks she may be a former war correspondent. She definitely seems to have had previous journalism experience.

Naia makes a comment about how everything is connected except for Adam. Adam gets very silent at that point. They notice the change in Adam and start questioning him about it. He tries to explain what happened with Hallman.

While this is happening, Trina sees Adam’s Avatar is behind his shoulder weeping blood. She also saw Nem’s ears for the first time a bit earlier.

Naia makes a point to tell Adam he needs something to be emotionally invested in. Is there anything that makes him happy? Adam cannot think of anything. If he stopped working on the machines, would he be sad? Adam does not think so. He would just move on to something else. If he no longer hung out with the cabal would he be sad? Adam gets flustered. He does not know how to answer that without possibly hurting the others’ feelings.

Adam is thoroughly bewildered by all of this conversation. He hears the truth in what Naia and Hallman told him, but does not know what to do about it.

Naia starts working on the warding for the place. She is using colored sand and metal filings. She has Trina 6 inch channels and puts the sand and filings in the channel. Then, they fill the channels back up to keep the sand from blowing away.

Nem helps her out with it. Naia explains to Nem that King BBQ would probably be very helpful against diamondback since he helped fight the dog collar Bane.

During this time, Adam is lost in thought. Naia tries talking to Adam again. It is obvious that he does not know what she is asking of him. She is trying to get him to talk about anything, but Adam does not know what to talk about. After a while of prompting, Adam starts to speak about his time training with Dr Baral. He talks about the times where he had to hunt/stalk prey in order to bring about the good death. Though he is not sure what precisely, he realizes that there was something important to him from that time.

Game Session 12
Enter the Trina

11/1/2016 – Tues
Adam, Naia and Nem return to Naia’s shop after their incident with the Diamondback at the diner. They arrive to find that Jocelyn is in the kitchen speaking with newcomer April May. April is Naia’s mentor.

April queries Naia as to what happened to the trio. When Naia starts to explain how the group was saved by dumpster lady, April becomes upset. She tells the group to follow her.

April lead the group past a previously empty shop that is now filled with junk. She leads them down to a previously non-existant stairway and into one of the rooms below. April spends a few minutes putting together a pentacle around Naia using electronics and white noise. Once this is done, April asks Naia to start over and explain what happened last night.

During the course of the conversation, April reveals that dumpster lady is actually April’s former mentor, Edith Walker. She believes that Edith has been squatting in Naia’s dreams and that is probably why Naia felt pain in her head just before Edith appeared. April also reveals that she believes Edith went Marauder. She used to seek out backlash to understand it better.

April tells Naia to get comfy as she is going to be living in this ward for the next few days. They will work together on cleaning out Naia’s mind to make sure Edith does not return.

As April heads upstairs to get food for the group, Jocelyn speaks with them about what she learned from ViVi. She says that there is something wrong with ViVi. She thinks some kind of carnivore is living inside of ViVi. She could not find it through her meditation. It seems to be opening portals into the real world, grabbing things to eat and spitting out the bones.

The group briefly discuss that this sounds like the Bonemaker. Jocelyn would not recommend going in there with the Bonemaker, but if possible, to drag it out of one of its portals.

11/2/2016 – Wed
Naia and April work on cleaning out Naia’s headspace of Edith. She also starts teaching Naia how to ward her dreams against Edith’s return.

During the day, Caterwaul and Katrina come over to help April out with the wiring to the shop. Later in the day, Kim Lee comes by to help out some with the wiring.

That same day, Gina calls and leaves Naia a message. When Naia returns her call later, Gina informs Naia that Detective Carter contacted her. They told Gina that they were investigating some deaths at the church where Ned was held. Gina told them that she did not know anything about Naia’s involvement. She told Naia that she is pretty sure that they will continue to pursue this investigation. When Naia asked about Ned, Gina said that he was doing better, but will not be the same boy he was before.

During that same day, an ambush was reported in the news. A Mercedes SUV was trapped between some vehicles and sprayed with bullets. Afterwards, it was set on fire. Two sets of remains were found in the vehicle.

Nem spends the day scrying backwards on the snake to see where it came from.

11/3/2016 – Thur
Naia is finally released from her warding.

Nem calls Naia and Adam to meet at the pawnshop. When they get there, Nem explains that he tracked the snake backwards. It was done by the bikers. They are after Nem.

He informs the others that Ms Olsen is now running the church. Also, Ga’tso has marked Nem. That is why Diamondback is after him.

Nem wants to retaliate. He is thinking of pitting the vampires against the church, but he is not sure how to do it. April inquires about the type of vampires we are dealing with. They explain that they have come across the Vourdulak and Blood Ghosts. April mentions that there is also an African type of vampire.

Adam suggests that Nem speak with Addison and see if she has any thoughts on how to pit the vampires against the church. He gave Nem Addison’s contact info. Nem called and left a message for Addison.

April suggest that someone start checking out the Bonemaker sites. Perhaps there may be a way to predict when the next portal will open or where it will open. Adam said he will check into it.

Naia and April spend the rest of the day working on some concepts Naia had for making some armor.

11/4/2016 – Fri
Addison gets in touch with Nem. They meet up at a motel that Nem is staying in.

After Nem explains his idea of getting the vampires to go after the bikers, Addison said that nothing immediately comes to mind. She thinks it would be hard to get the Vourdulak to go after the bikers. They do not have any conflicting territories.

Nem thinks he may be able to fabricate some evidence that the Blood Ghosts are working with the bikers. He hopes that will make the Vourdulak to go after the bikers.

That same day, Adam contacts the Strange regarding the Bonemaker. They get back to him a short while later and agree to meet him at a coffee shop. After waiting a while, a woman that was already in the shop gets up and comes over to Adam. She introduces herself as Lillian Nelson. He introduces himself as “Michael”.

They talk for a bit about Adam’s reasons for doing this. Adam says he is an amateur sleuth. When she asks if he is concerned about protecting himself, he explains that he can take care of himself.

Lillian takes Adam over to the Stange’s office. There is a map on the wall of the Las Vegas area. Color coded pins are stuck in it. Using the pins and the data listed next to the map, it shows that the first incident started about 3 years ago. They are concentrated around the Triangle, but the area has been growing recently. Also, the size of the bone deposits seems to be growing.

Adam suggest the hunting area may be expanding. Lillian agrees with the assessment.

After taking a picture of the map and info, Lillian gives Adam her card. Adam notices the journalism awards in the office and some of the photos. It appears that Lillian is a war correspondent.

Elsewhere, Nem has started his scrying. He first views the event with the Mercedes SUV ambush. It turns out that there were 2 vampires and 2 normals in the car. Also, Addison appeared to be in charge of the ambush.

Nem tracks the Mercedes backwards and sees that the vehicle came from the Golden Nugget. When Nem looks over the Nugget, it appears to be a base of operations for the Vourdulak. There is a back area just for the vampires. Several of them look rather corpse like. There is also a shark tank in the back that is not open to the public.

That is all the info Nem could gather before Coyote caught him.

11/6/2016 – Sun
Hilary Clinton wins the presidential election.

During the day, Katrina started experiencing an issue where she got a bit of passive telepathy. She was getting bits of conversation from people before they actually spoke. April found this amusing. She spent a bit of time looking over Katrina’s Avatar.


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